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Welcome to the Half Baked Beans Publishing Co

We are here to provide you with the best of books and at the same time serve as a perfect platform for all the budding writers. From 60 minute Metro books to full fledged novels, we are here to publish them all. A launch pad that would take you miles.

Half Baked Beans Publishing is a newly formed publishing firm. The company's motto, " Bake Them Up" is to provide new upcoming writers a similar platform as that of established writers and give the readers with good books and whole satisfaction at affordable prices.

A Launch Pad for new talent, we are looking for work in all genres fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, children, poetry, romance, short-stories, thrillers, teens etc.

To feature on our blog, write for us or to simply dropping in to say hello you can reach us at or connect with us here:

Disclaimer : All the articles written on this blog are written by our guest bloggers, about whom you can read here. The images have been sourced from Google Images. In case you have any issues pertaining to the usage of the same, please feel free to contact us.The views expressed here are of the authors of the respective blogposts and have not been written with any intention of hurting any one's sentiments. Please don't copy anything from this site without permission.

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  1. Do you pay for the smaller write ups you promise to put up on your blog?

  2. Do you self publish? If so please get in touch

  3. Are you guys in for any internship??

  4. Hi Shreya, please email us at


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