Monday, 20 April 2015

My Choice

A fifteen day  old girl infant, found dead,  on the far side  of hospital bushes in despicable state. That unnamed , daughter of someone did not get any CHOICE to live!

Namrata , was wretched  to have any CHOICE to get raped or not.!!

Shabana , youngest of her brothers, was not given  any CHOICE to study further.!

Thousands of women , are getting NO CHOICES  when  they get  harassed  mentally and physically in buses, public places , offices and even in their  homes .Then what choices are  you talking about Miss I-will-bring-revolution queen  ooops !Deepika  Padukone!

A typical ,subjugated , overburdened with her duties , average women, the Aam Aurat, does not have fancy for liberty or so called choice of wearing bindi or to use cotton or silk to trap her soul , she just sighs for respect from the people , she considers her “world”. Not their questioning eyes asking  about her contribution.

A girl, does not wish to get a choice to come home at 4 am or to come at 6 pm . She wants to walk on the road safely!  

A lady asks for justice when somebody dares to touch her without her consent , not merely a trivial choice to have sex before marriage or outside the marriage . I don’t know why they even mentioned it. People generally don’t ask for these kind of stuff, it is their choice any way!

So Confusion is in the air!! Newly emerged protagonists of #my choice vogue ,Deepika,and  Homi  Adajaniya want  to propagate  what issues.?

A country, having superficial rules and regulations , Hypocrite  attitude towards women , where sometimes   girl’s birth is a topic , a second thought to be given on! Where her voice tends to get crushed, where she is blamed even for the sins , she has not committed ! This video seems like rainfall in flood. Of no use.!
The choices, this video is giving to Indian women are only for Hollywood inspired metro generation , who may want choice to  love temporarily or to lust forever .The Aam Aurat  the mummys, the aunties, our teachers, our sisters and all the other ladies  who make more than 90%of  Indian women  has some basic serious issues to be addressed.!!

Glamorizing stuff, proclaiming facile choices of freedom  is an act of hiding an ugly face behind shimmery make up. Voila! That’s what film stars do.

Sorry Deepika ! your glossy lipstick , waving sprayed hairs, you, showing bra strap…. Ain’t No help. Tell your marketing team to find better ways to build up your social activist image.

                                                   Scars are on my soul
My body is just a part
Not the whole
Lingering pain is tucked somewhere inside
Just skimming, would let it hide
Wounded heart, impatient nerves, suppressed voice
If it’s not healing
Then it’s not MY CHOICE

P.S .Significant realm of liberty, sprinkled with colors of our country would have added spark to the video.

 The given attention might help it to go viral but it fails to be vital.  



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