Monday, 18 March 2013

The three phases of a relationship

            "Analysis of a relationship"

A relationship is a complex concept in itself! It comprises of many elements. Sometimes, you get into a relationship after a chain of events. And sometimes, you just instantaneously plunge into a relationship. A Relationship never comes alone; it brings with itself, responsibilities, time wastage and yes financial loss of course.

Now, let’s divide Relationship into three phases- “the initial phase”, “the mid phase” and “the decline phase”. Well, as stated above relationship goes through different phases. Each having its pros and cons. So, the overall mechanism has a lot of elements. Thus, relationship at times appears to be a sort of conundrum. You enjoy it, you regret it and the pendulum waves between fun and boredom.

The initial phase is full of curiosity. You want to meet each other. You keep stalking each other’s facebook profiles. You carry that “finally got my perfect match” feeling. Money, time they become immaterial. All that matters is your mate. You have a lot of hidden sexual desires at this stage as well. Kissing that person for the first time, holding him close; not only you want to explore the mind but also the body. You over-compensate for your mistakes, the exchange of gifts and cards- all these things happen in the initial phase.

The mid phase marks the saturation in a relationship. You know each other very well. In fact, you know each other’s friends very well too. You feel like the relationship is affecting your normal routine. The jokes are no funnier; the cards are a mere wastage of money. The frequency of the phone calls gets decreased as well. You don’t go to a lavish restaurant or a stylish coffee shop for a date now. There are more “excuses” and fewer “reasons” for being late!

Lastly comes the “decline phase”. You get so bored and tired of the relationship that you want to skip it at the earliest. You start finding ways, to have that much wanted “breakup”. You know the person too well, you feel like no trait of his\her personality is left unexplored. Thus, the curiosity dies. You look for alternatives as well! Whenever you meet your mate, you give him\her that “Unchain me” looks. Thus, like any other natural or scientific mechanism even relationships have certain stages or phases. Each phase has its beauty and side-effects. But still, as a whole a relationship is a beautiful thing.

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  1. True to life and true to relationship..grt work buddy..

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