Thursday, 17 October 2013

Online Education

Online Education has caught up in last two-three years like never before. Everything, whether it’s the preparation of MBA entrance, employability tests like AMCAT to complete degree programs like MBA, MCA and BBA etc. are being delivered online. Even the trend of e-books has increased in recent years. Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, Udacity etc have taken online education to a complete new level.

Years back, when I was in twelfth grade, the choice of course and college used to be the hot topic apart from the numerous formal and informal fare-wells in school, coaching institutes and friend groups. At that time, the very thought of not making it to a college and going for a ‘correspondence’ used to give me spine chills.

However, today I am seeing a different trend among students. Students these days are moving towards online education. No doubt, if somebody makes it to a good college does not leave it but those who cannot make it do not feel abandoned. They are gladly accepting online degrees. In fact many students feel online education is better as they get to earn a degree and work experience simultaneously. The trend is more visible with post graduate education where students feel work experience is necessary to understand the concepts and applications

Today, students will prepare for their boards online (, prepare for competitive tests online (,, take graduate-post graduate degrees online ( and even take employability tests online (

Students are getting attracted to online education because of factors like low cost, ease of access, self-paced learning and access to recorded classes in case they miss one. With channels like facebook, Skype and other online discussions forum, networking also doesn’t seem to be an issue.
Internet and social media channels will only continue to grow. Chances are the same for Online Education too.



  1. Very interesting post. Many people think online education means it does not have a pre-scheduled course on a strict routine and therefore it is schedule-free. In fact, it is not completely schedule-free. They also have deadlines and due dates.

    It is sad many corporations still do not accept online degrees.

    1. Very well said!
      Yeah, some organizations stil do not accept online degrees but the trend is changing. Hopefully soon they'll accept.


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