Sunday, 27 October 2013

Babaji ki Booti


Drink for the nerves and weed for the souls. The song “Babaji ki booti” gained tremendous attention showing a jeering “Babaji ka thullu” to everyone. The lyrics and the behooving music are perhaps the main reason for the grand success of the song. Mankind has been an addict to various sorts of intoxicants from time immemorial, but “Babaji ki booti” is one of a special kind. 

Most of the intoxicants bring the beast out of a man but “Babaji ki booti” turns you into a sage or a saint. It makes you detach yourself from this materialistic world and land in a different zone altogether. The song “Babaji ki booti” describes how a few puffs of it helps you make worries vanish and overcome all the frustration of the world. No matter what your problem is- lost love or a dictator boss, Babaji ki booti is the best solution.

The song and its video is a quintessential demonstration of frustrated youth. Youth that is peeved by the hogwash of this materialistic world. The song labels alcohol as bad habit but “Babaji ki booti” as a natural gift. One of the protagonists in the video of the song tells his friends that a few puffs and they will become heroes, their lives will turn into a film and problems will reduce to zero. He says that the Babaji is wonderful, calling him a source of pleasure and a force to overcome the sorrows of the world.

The song also describes the state of hallucination that one experiences after the intoxicant takes its toll. You see things that are actually not there, you hear voices even when no one is around you. You land in an imaginary land where nothing is actually real. We see one of the protagonists in the video crooning few lines about watching a bird or superman, while actually there was no one there! I still remember one of the Pink Floyd numbers I heard long back, that too gave a beautiful description of the mental state of hallucination. The state of hallucination brings with it state of confusion as well! 

A few lines that I remember from that number-
"It’s awfully considerate of you to think of me here
And I’m much obliged to you for making it clear
That I’m not here …"

In the song “Babaji ki booti”, the protagonist tells us that Babaji helps you clean and purify your soul. There is no differentiation between the rich and the poor. There may be obstacles and hindrances in the process but mind you there is no “khed” or regret for the inconvenience! Babaji helps you show middle finger to the problems.

These intoxicants affect both your physical and mental health. You gradually lose the ability to think logically, and yet you live in a false hallucination of being highly enlightened. When you come out of the addiction and out of that false elation state you feel like- “Everything was fine but none was mine.”

Rohan Kalia

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