Monday, 22 December 2014

Music and lyrics

Music is that one spice which always adds flavour to all the ingredients depicting the emotions of life.

A moment even has a capability to slaughter the identity or fabricate the existence in a flash of a second with such a way that one is unable to describe the feeling in own words. That’s when, switching to music seems to be apt amongst all, in the innovated/suggested to-do-list.
No matter how disastrous the mood is *rahe na rahe hum, mehka karenge* has the power to cheer the soul. And when there is a reason to celebrate *yo yo honey singh* has that charismatic effect which makes one dance at each and every letter of the lyric.

If one has fallen in love *suraj hua maddham* makes that feeling intense and when faces betrayal *dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha* provides comfort.
N number of songs depicting, N number of emotions with, N number of dramatic gestures has a contagious approach which drags everyone’s attention.
Music has the supreme power to connect. It certainly had no effect regarding how monotonous or happy-go-lucky character one might be; there are always these lyrics which maintain the level of satisfaction according to the mood swings.

One who says *i hate songs* is the one who does it secretly. This is that one thing which makes every single person infectious in the best possible way. To portray a feeling with a song is listed as one of the enriched ways, no matter what the occasion is.

The commotion doesn’t exist and a surge prevails whether an ever wanting desire can happen and there, a song is played.

Life is beautiful, so is music and when there is a combination of both the whole aura turns out to be magical. Who cares if the song is from *naya zamana* or *purana zamana*, it will always be magnetic.

Stay tuned stay lyrical.

Grooving to the beats

Swatii Chandak


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