Sunday, 7 December 2014

Is India traveling more now

India always has had an admirable desire and a random acceptance towards change & growth. No matter how much it resists or portrays as to resist from, there has always been a certain trend plunging towards some Newness. Chasing Exposure.

And such similar newness is craved for & experienced via disparate walks of life. One such happy walk is travelling. In fact travelling is one hugely impacting mechanism which not only brings people the unknown but also freshens them up with a certain energy to live. To live & to love.

From the safeguarded, fun filled travelling as a kid, with parents/guardians, to our maternal natives in summer vacations,  or spending the Diwali/Winter/Christmas holidays in the mountains of North, or enjoying the Beach tans of the south, to expending each penny saved (with a heavy heart) for an ‘only friends’ or a solo trip, crossing the national boundary. Indians have done it all.

And consequently, now they have learnt to indulge in the process of continuing to relish the change, experience the culture differences, submit to the rule breaks & smile with the sunshine.

This very impression has started getting Indians indulged in a raw travelling affair. People have started giving free rein to the surprise elements, to go jaw dropped with the picture perfect beauty, with the awe striking rides that come along. And they innocently try capturing the same feeling more than the scene, by the way of a camera, more so by a D-SLR, in hope of a clearer memory often misconstrued as just a clearer picture.

Some Indians don’t dig travelling because of reasons like relative discomfort, the long journeys, home addiction, or maybe an unfair lazy mood. But then again they travel due to enforced circumstances. Family/relative gatherings more often. And to benefit, this kind of travel also subconsciously excites them for they meet their people, long lost relatives, new friends and after all shopping from different places only benefit the wardrobes and the moods.
Moreover the Indian work style & life requires a good amount of a time off. And what better a time off than a good travel to unexplored places with only the loved ones around. Not to forget the variety of customized tour packages available nowadays, helping avoid the hectic travel planning, risks of quality of travel, stay & food. Providing assured fun and great time & money utilization.

These subtle nuances make travelling self-promoting. Unforgettable Memories & inner happiness consisting as one of its supreme aspects. Social Bragging & popularity supplementary.

Such is the beauty of Travel.

Jaya Dadlani.

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