Saturday, 15 June 2013

Its a Man's World

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“Man’s world”- the most debated topic all across the world. However much the civilizations have evolved, cultures enriched and the mankind advanced, the unfortunate fact remains that the feminine form remains a part of this world- “man’s world”. People who are disagreeing can flip through news channels, latest news channel.

Although I am not trying to say that women are tortured, subdued and tormented in every culture(Though sadly even today it is true in many culture), women are leading organisations even nations, but still, have men accepted this place of women in society? Have they started respecting women for all they do? Is her face or figure is not on his mind even when a man is speaking to his lady boss? Doesn’t every man out there judge a lady driver or a lady colleague?

Every day I wake up with horrific news; most of them are of “rape”. Some people say, it’s the fault of “improper dress” worn by the victim. If the improper dress is to be blamed then why do kids get raped? And why even males get raped? Should I blame them of wearing the improper dress too?

Come on! It’s time to put this mentality aside and accept the reality that there are few  maniacs out there who just want to taste a body, no matter if it’s of adult male or female or if it is a small kid.  No damn person is safe, not even in one’s own family.

And in spite of blaming the victim; we should know that it’s like a mental condition of the culprit which is definitely not stable. They feel like doing it… but my question is don’t they repent at all? Why some men get so carried away by their urge that they become as good as animals? And after doing such kind of hideous act, do they get sleep in the night?

But the truth is these kinds of men are perverts. Because they place their urges over their virtues someone else’s virtues! Because of lack of respect for woman, because some men consider this a brazen display of power! Because some men are addicted to it; because it is possible! However sick, but this is one of the things that can be done, and hence men do it. 

What should be done to men like this? They should be shown the reality. They should be exposed to their dirty minds. May be a therapy or a treatment but something for sure! Because there are men who rape, who molest, eve-tease, who abuse and see nothing wrong in it.

Conclusion means the final part, the result, a reasoned inference. I am not sure if I have a conclusion on hand especially over such sensitive issues, but I know the road we are on. And I know from here where we go will lead us to victory, depending upon what we choose.

The good news is we can still choose to be human. We can choose to create a better world for us and our future generations. We can choose to save humanity.

~Anshuma Sharma

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  1. I am shell shocked! This is a country where history and mythology have witnessed women being humiliated in the worst manner possible. From Goddess Sita to Draupadi, every woman's dignity has been challenged. Yes, men are at fault, because they simply know one thing-fight. Violence is expected out of them, even when it is for defense. So, we have to carry a tainted face, bundled with lots of harsh taunts and blows, which shred the modesty. There are no therapies for curing them, you simply need to wipe out a whole race, because they are born with the disease of a filthy mind towards women.


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