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Relatives in Wedding

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Relatives…. members of the family, maybe blood relative or as we say dur ke rishtedar  to most of us are annoying humans who poke, taunt, criticize,nag and compare ….  But they ought to be like that and are important part of family when it comes to family functions, especially weddings!

As we talk about wedding, relatives play important role in accomplishing a successful wedding. Whether it’s catholic wedding where bridesmaids are required or its big fat Indian wedding where mama-mami are required!

Indian wedding is colorful and happening, and is really a big thing. It’s not only union of bride and groom, its whole community affair where families are involved profoundly. Indian weddings have always been popular for their grandeur and extravagant atmosphere, but when it comes to planning them, it's a whole different ball game. With the number of events leading up to the marriage and the known 40 different rituals within the ceremony itself, it can be overwhelming for the two involved families. Due to numerous sub-cultures within the nation, there exist several different versions of to be an "authentic" Indian wedding. 

One may observe significant role of relatives in arranging, organizing the marriage. Rituals in Indian wedding consist of relatives performing different duties .The maternal uncle has prominent role in martial procedures. It can be said that the special bonding with maternal uncle is the reason for important traditional formalities he performs from inception to completion. Uncle has to escort the girl to the mandap, it’s done in different ways in different culture; like In Assam (the mama carries the girl on his shoulders), in Telugu-land (he carries her in a bamboo basket) and also in Gujarat these customs prevail.

A wedding is never complete without the blessings of elderly people. These duties are nothing but a sign of blessings from relatives who are not only well-wishers but also godly. But as a popular joke goes, maternal uncle has more right on than the mother on her children as there are two mothers in the context, 'ma-ma'. All said and done, it is just a way to add few more sweetness to an already sweet and fun occasion.

For the smooth completion of life time memorable event, relatives, especially close ones help in different works like decoration, catering or arranging the facilities for the to be guest (their stay, food, and other necessities).
Pre wedding customs are crucial in Hindu marriages. Rituals like Pithi and Mehndi involve well wishes of relatives and friends. Many times relatives are the ones who play “the mediator” between two families. They deal the talks among the parties and highlight the things of both the respective families. Being the mediator they solve the doubts, quaries of each side, which cannot be questioned directly.

Whether it’s the dancing part of Baarat (groom’s arrival) or the kanya daan and haast melap (Bride’s give-away), relatives spill in the spice in processions, making it more exciting. 


  1. Nice description- simple and gives a vivid picture of our rituals and culture!

  2. A wedding is incomplete without relatives... Importance of elders and relatives has been explained in a very nice yet lucid way... Keep it up.. ;)


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