Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Creatrix: Workshop by Half Baked Beans

Becoming an author made easy by Half Baked Beans Publishing

With the wave of young writers creating ripples across the nation a new publishing house bakes them up to perfection

6 charismatic speakers, 30 enthusiastic participants, 2 power packed days and sessions of enlightenment about creative writing and publishing industry – this is how CREATRIX, the creative writing workshop can be explained! Come 22nd June, 2013 and all roads seemed to lead to Tea pot cafe at Malviya Nagar in New Delhi as it started getting packed by the off-beat time of 11 am in the morning.

The dedication of participants was justified by their before-time-presence on the venue and the event commenced with the session of a debut author – Shikha Sharma (author of I loved too much, he loved too many). Shikha gave the participants a glimpse of the transition which occurs when you become a published author from just another guy or girl. She also focused on the DOs and DONTs in the journey of being an author and the participants admired her session.

Next session was of Harsh Agarwal, chief speaker at CREATRIX, who started with the concept and ideas of novels and the importance of same. Concepts of various famous novels were discussed with the participants asking them to come up with new concepts and pen them down in the given time limit. In this session, plots and story-making were also covered.  In his own words, “It was an honest attempt to promote creative writing among aspiring authors and help them write better fiction as at Creatrix, we aim to encompass all the crucial stages in writing a book and getting published.”

The session of guest speaker Himadri (Blogger and author) mostly concentrated on romantic aesthetics and erotica. The session was largely interactive and she distinctly explained the difference between erotica and porn. Her session was bold but the feedback reflected that each and every participant took it in a positively and they took the points discussed in a matured manner.

Another guest speaker Sagarika Chakroborty (Blogger and author – A calendar too crowded) briefed the participants about the various genres available to write on and their importance.  She conducted various activities there which helped the participants understand their genre in detail.

The next guest speaker Siddharth Tripathi (Author – The Virgins) spoke about his journey as a writer. He emphasized how though writing is a lonely process, it can still be very enjoyable and how with proper dedication it can be like any other job getting the desired results.  It was a very informative session as it helped clear many misconceptions about being an author.

Lastly Lipika Bhushan (Book marketing consultant, previously with Harper Collins) took the participants through the journey of marketing their books. Generally it is understood that an author’s job ends once the book has been written and selected for publishing. And that is where most of them go wrong. It is a job only half done as there are various aspects of marketing which need to be taken care of thereafter.

At Creatrix, each and every aspect of the journey towards writing and getting published has been highlighted to help aspiring authors carve a niche for themselves and reach their goals. Various speakers from a wide range of niche backgrounds made it all the more stimulating as it gave the participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of authors and publishers. Some of the outstanding talent which got noticed during the even had the opportunity to work with the organizers in future projects too.

Half Baked Beans  is a newly formed publishing firm. The company's motto, “Bake Them Up" is to provide new upcoming writers a similar platform as that of established writers and give the readers with good books and whole satisfaction at affordable prices.

To learn more about Half Baked Beans Publishing and to know how to be a part of such events, photos and more information please visit our page.

Email: publish.halfbakedbeans@gmail.com

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