Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Heart Broken Rain

Its raining where I am. Everyone connects with the rain.. A happy day or a sad one.. A rain cannot escape unnoticed. Just as water, the vessel which it pours in, the rain too is cursed to change its being from one vessel to another.. a new definition each time. A resplendent smile..or a lonely tear. A happy talk or a sorrowful monologue. They all find a place in the rain. Some stretch out their arms and embrace it. Some open up their fists to bring out a crumpled palm and let it cool the burn in there.. Others hide their tears in it and a few others, a smile with it.

But this is all what we think of rain. Rain actually does none of it. Only we think it is what Rain does to us. The rain in all of its innocence only pours. It goes up.. gathers itself into a cloud and when it becomes too heavy for the sky to hold on to, the sky opens its embrace and the rain falls. Feeling deceived. Pouring hard. Recoiling back to where it came from. Sieving its way into the ground. Like it never was to go up at all…Like it always knew it’d fall. Like that transformation into fluffy soft being was only going to be for a while. Like rain’s Love would never die and that deception of the sky ‘d hurt each time. Like the rain ’d always known, the embrace is to it hung on to even the last thread and falls in a million pieces after having broken the embrace. Like it knows and yet cannot accept the break. The cloud so cold, heavy and angry, that it even cloaks the mighty sun. Like nothing can break its fall. Like nothing can curb its cry. Like it is angry and seeps into the ground so low that it never has to see the face of sky again.
And when each bit of it has poured….all the cloud dispersed. The destiny accepted. The sun shines again with all its might. Exposing the harsh reality of its being. Claiming parts of the sky as its own like it’d never left….Like the whole world belongs to it. And it smiles. The sun smiles.
Yet eventually.. the sun with all of its being. All that he does, the shining mighty bright…unknowingly brings the water again closer to the sky. Again to soothe the ailing white sky the water rises..forgetting its last fall..the last cry.. the last break. It rises again to touch those reaching fingers of the sky. It rises to embrace the sky into a happy moment. It slowly fits into the sky… covering the heat with its soft hands and healing it with its mild breath all the scars it had taken in, grazing the whole stretch, caressing with tender love. The blue mingles into white. And the white into grey.
But then again...the end nearing, the clouds start weighing and the breath starts turning into deep breathing. Heaves of anger when the cloud starts realising, all of this again was only for a while, when the reality starts crashing in and it angrily bangs into itself. Thundering. Declaring to the world how unwilling is it to fall… the flash of lightening.
But since the time has come.. it starts to pour drizzles. It knows its time to leave and in pieces it starts to break and when it breaks completely down is when it POURS. Is what we call a down pour. A raining cloud. A crying one at that. It knows nothing else than to fall.


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