Monday, 15 July 2013

Role of Relatives

The grandeur with which a Groom brings a Bride home is comparable to none other. The whole clan takes both of them on such a high at the mere aspect of a wedding that you somehow only visualise Your life into two sections:
→Before Marriage
→After Marriage
The phases are both highlighted, ACCENTUATED and Boldly underlined. And also, Depending on WHO is giving out this wisdom- The other side strike-through-ed!

So, who are these people anyway? Who do so much for You? Pan out opinions! Take you on a ride that high! Make your life’s “Most Important” (Yes, pun is intended!) event, their sole responsibility!
So, coming back, who are these people?
Relatives J
Relations of blood and birth. Tied to you, stuck with You. Love them! Hate them! You sure can’t ignore them! ^_^
However it’d be unfair to the whole concept if we say they can all be categorised under one roof. They can be sub divided too:

Relatives who care a LOT!                                                                   Relatives who don’t care at all!
                                                                                                                            (Don’t give a damn!)
Relatives: Who’d be over involved..
They make it a point of being involved in every step of the function.  Every person. After it’s their nieces’, nephews’, or 1st, 2Nd 3rd cousin’s Wedding Ceremony!
They are responsible for most of the odd jobs and dedicatedly so! And they also feel responsible for every other event. Like it’d personally hurt for them to see anything getting wrong in there.
Their roles are not only difficult to define, but also emotionally over whelming to get it rights in words.
You see them drudging hard everywhere:
→ With stretched hands accepting presents for the bride and groom.
→ Serving dinners.
→ Talking animatedly to one and all, be it the caterer or the wedding planner. ALL .
→Running around the venue breaking a sweat with no apparent job at hand ever! Sounding busy and engaged always.
→Fussing over how they don’t have time to dress up for the wedding. (Where did all the time go?)
→ Complaining how they never got to eat anything (guess the other kinds of relatives ate them all!)
→ Having an opinion about everything!
→ Over staying their visit! (After having worked so hard, guilt-ing the family into an after wedding service of sorts!                       
→ Looping in some poor next -in-line and finalising their wedding too! (Their next job)
And so on and so on.
They are sweet. Over-sweet, maybe. But sweet all the same!
You can't get things done with them! You can’t get things done without them!

Relatives: Who don’t give a damn!
These relatives come.. well ‘cause they are, just like You, under the social obligation of being here (wedding venue).  They visit. They wish. Do what is asked. Leave. Period. In action, they don’t do much!
They, though, play a vital role in:
→Sitting and filling out the empty front rows.
→ Clapping. Lazily.
→Inspiring confidence in other guests by visiting the buffet table first!
→ Pinching kids running (God knows what they get out of running: ASKS MY FLABBY PAUNCH!) and scolding “Don’t be running around here!” –That’d spoil their peace!
→ Eye-ing every other lady and commenting in a ©ondescending tone how inappropriately dressed they are.
→ And in the same tone to every 2nd gentleman “How loud they are!?”
The best part about these kind of relatives is they don’t overdo their stay. Do not fuss over every little detail. All they do is sit and discuss over every petty detail of the country’s economy to the banquets anatomy.
But a wedding is a wedding ‘cause all these aunts and uncles and grand uncles and aunts and 1st , 2nd, 3rd cousins- all of them squeeze in the wedding in their busy/not-so-busy schedule. And make it a point to attend! No matter how tiresome or troublesome it is!

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