Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rise and Rise of Garbage Bin

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The rise and tremendous success of Garbage bin is a classic example that creativity, talent and hard work get what they actually deserve, sooner or later! In this era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, you need to do something out of the box to get recognition. The grand success of Garbage bin also stamps the fact that ‘ART’ still holds a special place in this world. The whole concept is a cock-tail of fantastic animation, innocent gags and great execution.

Reasons for the tremendous success-
1.     The cardinal reason of the success is the fact that every human carries crave to relive the ephemeral joys of childhood. Whenever we get a chance to go back the memory lane, we grab it impulsively. So, it serves the purpose of a “Time Machine” and who wants to miss a ride in it!

2.     Simplicity is another reason for the grand success. It is a cliché but still applies- Simplicity intensifies beauty. Garbage bin is indeed simplicity and innocence personified! It is extremely tough to keep things simple in this world that is full of complexities, but Garbage bin has managed to achieve this without even an iota of failure. Even the great Rabindranath Tagore said- “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple”.

3.     The inbuilt taste and fad for comics in us, is another reason for the success. We have grown up reading comics and it was so much fun. Whenever we hear the word ‘comics’, it brings a smile on our face. Reading comics is a habit which most of us developed in our childhood and as they say- “Old habits, Die hard”.

4.     Another reason for the success of the concept is fantastic sketch work and animation. The characters are drawn in such a way that we are easily able to connect with them. You see the characters and you feel that this is exactly how your friends looked in the past.

5.     The language of the posts also contributes to the success of Garbage bin. Language, no doubt has a strong correlation with human psychology. The dialect is friendly and easy to connect with. The slangs just add to the effects and the dialogues are really icing on the cake.

6.     A strong, overt and logical reason for the grand success of Garbage bin is the fact that this contemporary world is obsessed with facebook and other social networking sites. The social media has played a huge role in the success. The world is on facebook- the kids, teenagers, adults- everyone is highly active user. Furthermore, it is easier and more convenient to read a comic strip on a cell phone, laptop or a tablet. Social media has no doubt evolved as an easy and fast way to spread the word across cities, states and even countries.

7.     Success itself becomes a reason for further success! If you study history closely, you will notice that- “Nothing succeeds like success”. Thus, success breeds and fuels itself.

Garbage bin helps to make us happy, makes us go back the memory lane and helps us to keep the child in us burning!

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