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Analysis of Relatives

A marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman.

Contrary- Marriage is an event, where the connected ones are summoned from the different corners of the world to celebrate the union of two souls and in India union of two families.

Relatives- Those with whom you have blood relations.

Contrary- A set of vague people only available, either when you are Excelling or when you are all Drawn.
Relatives play a very influencing role in our lives. If you have a good set of relatives then you will grow into a smiling man and if you have an intruder set of relative who keeps interfering, then you will grow into a man with skeptical personality, you will reckon danger and fear before every new Endeavour you make.
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But, at the end everything pays off.

Relatives are the one who makes ceremonies like Marriages and Birthdays scintillating and memorable.
It’s the quality of relatives that defines the quality of memory you are gonna make.
Marriage- The mere moment in a person’s life where he finds his maternal and paternal family on the same side, taking charge over someone else.

Basically, in India there are two kinds of relatives
·         Supporting
·         Mocking
The bua from Meerut, who keeps fighting with the Uncle from Delhi on “Ki hum to sirf Branded kapde kharidte h”.

The lectern Massi who keeps commenting on the career options chosen by various kids in family with a verdict at the end – No MBA, No Future.

The pot-bellied Mama commonly known as Manager Mama because of his negotiating and managing skills. He is everyone’s favourite because he is Jovial with a Sense-of-Humor (read Trolling Capability). You will always find him on Phone discussing the rates and the Extra-Concession they are gonna provide.
A woman of excellence with grandeur persona. She resembles those dadis from Ekta kapoor’s daily soap with white silken hair, brown face with a wrinkled smile. She is the Respected Dadi of the family, a woman of utmost importance. No ceremony, No ceremony will leap forward without her virtuous guidance.
And then there’s a set of bright and brilliant cousins.
The coolest generation on board with cooler gadgets. Pinky from Delhi, always busy on phone with her BFF discussing her Chooridar.
Rahul, the nerdy engineer from IIT-Powai, the imperial institution discussing career growth and politics with the mama from USA.
The photographer lad with his new 50-300 mm lens is busy capturing the beautiful smile of Bride and wistful smile of little babies.
And then there’s a cool Author like me, who keeps mum and observes everyone around. At times you can see him surrounded by girls, sharing his exciting experiences – He is living his Life…;)
That’s a complete and a happy Family. 
On the eve of Marriage, each one of them will dress exquisitely and will make endeavours to make the marriage memorable for the Bride and her better-half.
They will dance like maniacs on the tune of ‘ Mere yaar ki shaddi h’ and on the tune of ‘Emotional Atyachar’. They will joke sensibly near the ceremonial stage trying to be best with the wits without hurting the sentiments of the New Relatives.
They are relatives, connected to you via Blood, you don’t meet and befriend them like you do with your acquaintances instead they are a gift, you earn them with your Birth.

Respect them and keep them close because they are the ones who will make your Marriage Exquisite and memorable.

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