Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Take a break and Travel

Life is a set of rules, if you follow them properly, you will have a happy journey along the way. Life will treat you with extremities of happiness and with lethal experiences. Life these days is no less than a race, every morning you wake up either to chase the target or in order to earn enough to live comfortably on Sundays.

 Now even Sundays are sabbatical, you are going for swimming classes or may be a day of expenditure you are bound to call electrician and get your air-conditioner fixed.

But Aaram kahan hain? Itna kaam krne k baad Break to Banta hain!!!

A small break from your regular life of chaos can rejuvenate the spark inside you. You can be happier with you and with your life and your good mood will make your office a better place to work.
Next Question is, Break mei karein kya???

You have been sitting in your glass walled cabin for a long time now, for a change you can plan a travel to a much unknown place. The trepidation in you will coax you too discover more and more about the nature and about you, because Travel is the best way to rediscover your soul.

Renowned Travelers suggests, get your ticket booked to some unknown place, meet new people there, tell them about you and your life, learn about them and their life; if necessary make notes (you will find yourself as the new student of Nature). Discover the strength and abandon the weakness in you. Sleep on railway stations; get hitch hiked by truck drivers.
Eliminate your phobia and strengthen your weaknesses.

Travel not just brings you closer to nature but it even helps you to hear your inner calling, it at times inspires new things inside you, sometimes bizarre, sometimes brilliant.
Travel can inspire artisanal capabilities inside you.
If travel is something which you cannot afford then make books your best friend. Read books, whenever you get time. Reading books at regular intervals can make you happy and will keep you cool even during tensed situations.
Not just read books to add metaphors in fact read a book to keep you happy, because we cannot buy happiness but we can buy books and it’s kind of happiness.
Books not just keep you focused and happy but good books even give birth to a sense of companionship, you will find characters from your book playing cameo in your daily-life and when this happens you will smile, just smile.

So, life is too small to worry and to carry on with sadness prevailed all over your face, next time you feel nauseated, take a break, go to a place where nobody knows you, greet the real you or simply order a book sit on your comfy sofa and join the roller coaster ride of the Author with his fictional characters…


  1. Cool one...and quite related to me...even now I'm on a train...on my way to "The city of destiny". Loved reading this one.


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