Friday, 2 August 2013

NRI- a Short Story

Honk honk. 

An autorickshaw came and stood in the ramnagar society.
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“Aww! My shoes! So much filth here! Cha-cha is this where you live?” said a masculine voice with a bit of anger. “Aree beta monsoon season hain, it happens sometimes.

 Pallavi who was drying clothes, caught attention of all this. “Didi… who’s he? Kitne nakhre kar raha hain? “. “Koi nai guddi, NRI hain. ”Answered Pallavi. “NRI?” guddi with a tender age of 8 was curious. “Ha, NRI  ... Matlab ki NON RESIDENT INDIAN. Jo Hindustani hokar dusre desh me rehta hain. ”Said Pallavi while checking out firangi guy who was still looking around in wonder. “Hmm, par vo dusre desh me kyu rehte hain?” 

He caught pallavi’s eyes looking at him. “Sammer! Kittna bada hogaya hain tu!” Neelu chachi said while coming towards him and spread her arms. Pallavi with little embarrassment rolled her eyes and went inside her house. Guddi followed her and poked her in waist. “Yeah! Umm hote hain kuch log Jo alag alag vajah se dusre desh me rehte hain jaise ki padhai …naukri….family…”

Sameer turned around to check if she was still there. “Kya Hua?” Neelu aunty asked who was very excited to see his NRI boy with two suitcases. “nothing.” They walked inside. Everybody started staring at him and whispers and gossips were on their way to go around. Sammer got tensed seeing the chaos inside, it was his visit to India after 12 years. “Kina handsome munda hain ji!” he heard an old lady saying to her kitty group. 

He faked an unsure smile. Giggles and sighs. “Aree Neelu, kon hain ye sona munda?” “Unke jigri dost ka ladka hain. Amrika se aya hain ji! Ye vadi vadi gadiya te hotels hain inke. Mere Pratap ki shaddi attend krne aya hain!” Neelu aunty said with a spark in her eyes. “Aur haan…. Kuwara hain!” she said and winked. Ladies having single daughters got a ray of hope.

“Dude! Congrats man!” Sameer said and hugged. “Thanks yar Sameer!” “Call me Sam.” “Sure bro” Pratap did a firm hand shake. “So how far India has surprised you?” “It’s quite amazing, well, people are warm hearted and little unorganized” said Sam. “Hmm, incredibleIindia we say” chuckled Pratap. “Aree sammer, Come have some nashta. We have made aloo ke parathe, gobi ke bhi hain.”Cha-cha said. “I will go with Gobi one, potatoes … too much carbs. I have green tea and scrambled eggs in breakfast in America.” “Ohhh, but ek bar kha kar toh dekho, you will ask for more. You won’t get these to eat there. Here we eat till we burp hard” everyone laughed out loud. “Ok but only one paratha. And anyway first I will freshen up. It’s too humid here. Feeling uneasy. In America we have pleasant and bearable atmosphere.” He said and left.

“Kittna shor sharaba hain! Hamari paro ke shaddi me isse jyada chahel pahel hogi.sunna aapne ji?” said guddis’s mom. “Maaaa! Mujhe nai karni shaddi, I have to study and get a job first, fir shaddi-waddi ka sochenge.” Said Pallavi getting annoyed. “Chup ree.shaddi nai karni! Huh. Jald se jald nri munda dekhenge and tenu byah denge. Padhai shadhai kya karni! U learn to cook and grahast sanskar seekh.” “Pratap bhaiya ke ghar ek nri ladka aya hain. Bade nakhre kar raha tha!” said guddi while combing her doll. “Aachaaa? Main aaj sham hi Neelu se jankari leti hu. Smart hoga toh baat pakki kar lete hain.” “Maaaa! Papa aap hi boliye!”. “Meri koi sunta hain iss ghar mein? ”Kya maaaa? Aache se taiyaar hona aaj.chal parlor le chalti hu.”

That evening in musical night, sammer was surrounded by bunch of aunties enquiring his salary, family background, house, likes-dislikes, etc. etc. . . .few desperate moms did forced their daughters to chit chat with him. But his eyes were searching for her. And there she comes, blue embroidered sharara dress, with a pair of silver jhumkas. He smiled .she stared the lean and sculptured outline, black semitransparent Punjabi suit. She smiled.

Four months later, “aur parathe chahiye beta?” “Yeah 2 more please. Auntyji you make the best aloo ke paratha! Aapni beti ko bhi sikha lo!” said Sameer to pallavi’s mum with a wink. “Very funny! Take back your ring and go marry someone else!” Pallavi said with a smirk. Everyone laughed and they smiled knowing they are together forever.


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