Thursday, 8 August 2013

Being 16 is difficult

One beautiful morning when you wake up in your heavily cushioned bed you will have a sense of freedom and excitement. Now things like politics will start making sense to you. Things like gel and fancy clothes will become your priority because a world out there is waiting to judge and criticize you.
These days being sixteen is more about Tuition, Friendship and Relationships.

I remember-

I was writing my Maths board paper the day I turned Sixteen.  How was I? When I was Sixteen? A Nerd?? Not really but, Yeah! I was working hard to score a century in Maths board paper, however I fell prey to nervous nineties with a score of 92. It’s not that I was very good at studies or very meticulously I read my course, it was the easy CBSE pattern that helped me to score a decent percentage (It was 2009; grade system was yet to destroy the results and the value of CBSE Xth board).

Life was easy and normal when I was sixteen. I was a normal school going guy, whose biggest passion was  a hero bicycle (earned in legacy from elder brother) and a Nokia phone, UPA 2 was yet to produce world’s biggest scams, life as a boy was cool and as a teenager was exciting. At 16, your physical maturity is not something Juvenile, the hormones inside you, makes you trepid ate for more and more physical pleasure, everyone goes through this. What generally comes to our rescue at such age is Friends, friends are the one who will lent you, yours first porn CD and mind it your friends are the one who will decide what your morals will be. Age 16 is dangerous, we are neither mature nor Juvenile, we are actually confused  and to us everyone else seems Dumb and Overprotective.
Being Sixteen is fun; Parents start trusting your capabilities, you are allowed to go out for parties with friends.
Being Sixteen you will fall for the cutie from the first row or for the stern girl who sits beside you, reluctantly you will try to enamor her, if lucky, you will receive positive response and suddenly you will find your world going magical.
If unlucky, you will get a negative response, you will start hating her face, you will try to bring disrespect to her name and things will go wrong.
At the Age of Sixteen-
They fervor a fear that you will be misguided by a wrong circle of Friend.
Your late night calls and chats will give them goose bumps, they have been through heart breaks too and they don’t want you to go through the trauma of love.  It’s as simple as that Parents are the one who breach regulations in our life, not for their Fun but for our Safety and Security, but at the age of 16 it is very difficult to Understand.
They obstruct us on every choice we make, they make us skeptical about our friends, they acknowledge our every good move and criticize every wrong move of ours, with this emancipated behavior of them, we start developing an innocuous hatred for our parents.
What we can or should do is- Go through all this, these things are inevitable, one day when you turn twenty or enough mature to understand your DAD, you will realize, Who was Right and Who was Wrong. You will realize, age sixteen was not merely about Love and Friendship but it was about trauma, Jealousy, Addiction, Failure and Lust.
When we are sixteen, we are like the immature egg, any external force can break us but the warmth of our Parents will mould us into chicken.
As a Tip- Take as much warmth/heat(read Facilities) form your parents and turn out to  be a Chicken, don’t let outer force like Love, Lust and Failure break you Before time.

Pranav Shree


  1. don’t let outer force like Love, Lust and Failure break you Before time. - a million dollar quote .. nice

  2. first time you sent to your school' hostel, where the principle is your warden, and you have to study more then your day hours every night... exhausted, willing to study even if you cant afford it for a single second more, obey your parents even if you are not with them... and most important: you don't have any right rather school, study, eat, study, study, study,... without rest.
    i am happy... now, i am not sixteen. :P

    1. hahaa
      True but Being sixteen n caring about nothing was much better than this engineering college for me...:)


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