Friday, 16 August 2013

God is not Baba

It was yesterday when I was in train travelling back to my college. The journey was comfortable with a book in my hand. I was busy reading ‘Connect the Dots’ a collection of 20 short stories based on Entrepreneurship by the Authoress Rashmi Bansal. Intrigued with the title, I was lost in the stories of Entrepreneurs, who were dictating their journey to the Authoress with Extra Intricacy.

With little perplexed expression the old man sitting on the berth in front interrogated “Padhne ka Shauq hai kya??”. Registering a sense of citation in his voice for me, I replied with a ‘yes’ and a big Smile on my face.

He seemed full of glee on finding a Bookaholic like him on a train journey. In his own languor, he was talking about his all time favorite Reads, gradually his voice was inching towards criticism and the next moment he was busy criticizing the famous book “Meluha Ke Mritunjay” (Immortals of Meluha) by the Banker turned Author—Amish Tripathi.
His criticism was not merely a criticism based on literati imperfection or the weak story line, instead he was frustrated with the way the Author portrayed Lord Shiva as a common man who fought for his tribe and became Lord Shiva.

The next slanderous comment he made was ‘God will not Pardon him’.
Well! The point here is neither the old man nor the book, the epicenter of this earth quake is God.

The general definition of God is:- Someone who is almighty, Someone who created this extravagant world with his great Artisanal capability.

But the Definition widely Believed is:-
God is that elected personality with hazardous power, who will destroy you if you and your views are diluted or tending to move away from his/her path of Illumination.
We have stepped on Moon and now are aiming for Mars, Scientists and Physicists like Stephen Hawkins have declared it innumerable times that God is nothing more than an extreme source of energy. 

Author of books like The Secret and The Magic have taught humanity ‘How to use this extreme energy and be the one this world will admire and look for Inspiration’.
But still country like India and people like Indians(We) are busy believing that God is a coin, If you are lucky then during Toss he will show up as Heads and will award you with Diamonds, If unlucky i.e if you are a man who talks against God then he will doom you with his snobby style.

‘What is God???’ is surely not the question; the question actually is ‘Why we fear God???’
To my Understanding--that I have developed after reading numerous Books and watching innumerable Movies, the answer to this question is the teachings, being a bit more specific the Wrong teachings.
Priests or the religion evangelists who have breached hard punishments of God in our mind make us skeptical about our life and deeds.
These priests and the fathers are not the one who have either met or seen God. They are true hypocrites, who make you spend for their luxury in the name of God.
God is someone who gets down from his Mercedes and helps the poor child from the dirty slum with food and other needful things.

God is that every simple man who makes Endeavour for the fulfillment of basics needs of human.

God is that ‘Shiva’ who fought numerous battles for his tribe and became the Immortal of Meluha. 

Pranav Shree


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