Tuesday, 13 August 2013



We see #tags everywhere these days. On my laptop screen, on my Desktop and even on my cell-phone, the tags are flowing in an arbitrary motion everywhere! Technically, a hashtag is a word or symbol prefixed with a # symbol. A trend that is pretty much in vogue on the social networking/micro blogging websites these days. So if you want to stay abreast with the latest trends, keep tagging the #tags. The amazing thing about these hash tags is the pace at which they have gained popularity and worldly fame!

Putting a hash tag gives you a celeb like feeling. It makes you a transmitter, as if you are the source. This is perhaps the most cardinal reason that people are ardent users of hash tags. They want to say it loud and clear- “I am a celeb too- My ideas, my views and my #tags”. After all, every human is unique. His ideas are at least original. The hash tag way also helps to put things in a nut-shell. People are so busy these days; it’s tough for them to squeeze out time to read. This is an obvious reason that people put their ideas all stuck in one line with a # tag. At times you are busy, but you still want to share your views and ideas. So, you can put the essence of it with a hash tag and your purpose is served. The emergence of the hash tag method in social networking and micro blogging has really helped people to save their valuable time and still express themselves.

Hash tags also give you a chance of giving vent to your emotions without bothering too much about grammatical mistakes- You can simply jot down what you think and let the chips fall where they may. Using hash tags thus helps one to stay original and express oneself in the way he or she wants. These days everyone has an opinion and everyone carries crave to be heard. The hash tag method gives people an easy platform to launch their views and ideas.

Writers/Bloggers at times go through a phase when thinking about a topic or writing an article becomes a herculean task. In such situations the hash tags become of great importance and utilization. You observe several topics tagged under different hash tags and you can analyze what aspect of the topic the writers/bloggers have left untouched. It is a lot easier to analyze topics that are tagged under the same or similar hash tags.

In India the internet thing is still emerging and is highly in fashion. It is nice to see such new trends of micro-blogging gaining fame and acceptance at a rapid pace. In the past, India has been a monger-land! People are good and all in readiness to make stories. Thus, it is extremely refreshing to see a concept of trimmed text emerging in the nation. It not only helps to save time but also mitigates boredom. We hope such trends keep coming and help us stay all gung ho about the internet, blogging, micro-blogging and writing!


Rohan Kalia

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  1. Yes, no doubt. I find the twitter tags very useful at times.


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