Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wedding planners and chicken

With the changing lives and with the changing ideology of life, we all want everything related to us to be different and perfect. You must have heard your girlfriend saying “Let’s do something different or unique on this anniversary”. 

To you this concept of doing something unique every anniversary seems bit bizarre because you don’t have that creative mind which can come up with Ideas every month to woo your girl, with this dilemma you run to your Artist cum Author friend for some unique ideas. He will smile and if he is in a good mood he may suggest you with ‘Do this and Do this’, with a smile on your Red face you will thank him and run to your girlfriend and she will end up saying ‘OMG you are so Romantic’…

Well, coming up with ideas for friends are called “Dosti nibhana”  but when you start selling your ideas you turn into an entrepreneur.
Day to day job perspective is changing and with the change we have seen a sea of entrepreneurs emerging. The new generation of entrepreneurs have redefined our lives, from memorabilia to a rented book, from Internship to Getting Published  entrepreneurs have brought everything online and have made our lives easier, while on their part, they are getting their asses rigged off with hard work. These entrepreneurs are here to make it huge because making it large nowadays is too main-stream and they are here to make this world a better place to live.

Wedding planners  are a new breed of entrepreneurs who will invest their 1000 percent of time and hard work into making your wedding a day to remember.

Movie ‘Band Baaja Barat’ by Yash Raj Films gives us a clear picture of wedding planar and their lives.
When they approach you, they are not just approaching you to pitch a deal they are here to make an emotional relationship with you. The way Anushka Sharma quipped ‘Hum jaan lga dete h’ portrays the passion they invest into making your wedding ceremony memorable.
But, remember you are risking your life’s biggest event on someone totally unknown and new, I’ll suggest it is always better to make a check before you invest your trust. If you are going with a famous wedding planning firm then pay them and forget your worries.
People spend lakhs and crores in their wedding merely on the advice of Manager Mama, but on the wedding day, his plans turn futile and you suffer an embarrassment.
According to the latest data available online, ‘It is always better to go with wedding planners because they know the pros and cons and generally all of them have a Plan B, (they are 21st century entrepreneurs, they will risk their life for your happiness).

You may be skeptical about the new bees. What you can do to assure quality is ‘ask them to organize a small party/event before marriage for your guest in a limited time period with a limited capital’ and if they serve you with what you are looking for then leave your worries about your marriage with them.
‘This is India’, here sentiments are valued more than money and wedding planners are some smart asses who let you enjoy your wedding thoroughly without worrying about ‘kahin chicken kum na ho jae’.

‘This is India’, at times this statement works against Entrepreneurs making it difficult for new-bees to make a grand start. People here think ‘India mei ye sab ni chalega’, but agar aap apni zindagi kissi LIC k barose chor skte h to phir apne Beta ya Beti ki shaddi kyun ni???

Pranav Shree


  1. agar aap apni zindagi kissi LIC k barose chor skte h to phir apne Beta ya Beti ki shaddi kyun ni???
    good one..


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