Monday, 5 August 2013

The age of 16


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Teenage as we know, is an age of fire. It’s an age when bad, alluring things attract us the most. We experience a lot of changes in this particular age-period of our lives. Age as they say, is just a random number. You must know how to mould the permutations with numbers. 

Teenage is a blend of fun, nervousness, confusions, growth et al. The teenage of a person’s life is of cardinal importance and is the “make or break” phase of the life. So, one must be extremely meticulous about decisions in this very phase of life. Teenage is an age when you get ready for the Grand Scheme- Life. It’s like you prepare yourselves in the barracks for the big war! These days internet has emerged as a tremendous phenomenon and almost every teenager is an ardent internet user. Although, you learn in every phase of your life but teenage is probably the most important learning stage of life.

Physical Aspects-You experience tremendous amount of physical change. The hormonal changes are immense too- your hormones are all stirred up. The amount of physical growth is immense and overt. That is exactly where proper control and guidance becomes of prime importance. Nobody is a born connoisseur, we learn from experience- Our own and sometimes of others! It is extremely normal to panic and get nervous when you experience changes all of a sudden. You need to try your best, not to let your desires overtake and rule your brain. Be careful, things that look like all fun and glamour are actually evil masquerading as fun! So, try your level best to eschew the hogwash and grab the good points.

Mental Aspects- You are filled with thoughts, actually overflowing with them! The energy level is high and the adrenalin rush pretty frequent! Nervousness and Confusion are the two most common aspects. Again, its about controlling your thoughts and tackling the nervous moments. Teenage is a passage to invent new worlds- worlds of the imagination! You must try to muster and assort as much knowledge as you can- both theoretical and practical. It’s an age when you experience maximum mental growth. The mental growth heavily hinges upon your endeavors to learn and grow. Teenage is a fantastic opportunity to expand the spectrum of your knowledge that will give you rich dividends all your life.

A little balance of things and control and you can enjoy your teenage to the fullest. A decent balance in physical and mental activities must be maintained. Changes are both inevitable and a part and parcel of our lives. Teenage is jam-packed with changes. It is tantamount to life in small quanta. So, enjoy the experience of it- The ephemeral joys of teenage! Internet has taken a huge place in the lives of the teenagers. The whole world is at your disposal, courtesy the internet. It is because of the internet that anyone can be anything, a meta-persona of his own choosing.
Teenage is an age of fire- Personified desire!

Rohan Kalia

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