Monday, 19 August 2013

What are we

In this world of casual carelessness, it’s discouraging to try to keep our morals, standards and our ideals high. We are ridiculed and laughed at by the smart, sophisticated …who proclaim in brittle banter that such things are out of date.
But no life is worth living unless its built on truth and we lay our life’s foundation made of faith, love and praying... and remember that ideals are like stars up in the sky , you can never really reach them hanging in the heavens high , but like the mighty mariner who sailed the storm-tossed sea and used the stars to chart his course with skill ,  you too can chart your course of life with high ideals and love for high ideals are like the stars again , that light the sky above , you cannot reach them ever but lift your heart up high and your life will be as shinning as the stars in the sky.

It may seem almost useless to talk about peace when all around us we see a continued state of peacelessness. It is this state that forces on us the necessity of finding our own sources of peace to draw upon and live from.

Consider the flowers. They too live in this peace less environment. They too have to endure the pollution and decay of the world of nature. Yet, wherever they are found, by the congested roadside, near the swamps, in the desert, amid the thorns and sometimes even on the dung hill; they are eternally beautiful, gay and fragrant. It is not by chance that flowers are given for every occasion, even the most sorrowful. Flowers can forth images of peace and tranquility. It is their nature.
We are also like flowers. We are the flowers of the garden of god. In this worldwide garden of everyday hustle and bustle we too are threatened with polluted and degraded circumstances. Being flowers, we are expected to live in our natural state and spread our fragrance all around us.
When we realize that the original nature of our soul is that of peace, we can combine with god who is the ocean of peace and so become the embodiment of peace …… a living thinking flower!
Impurities are chains that bind, devils that make us vicious, and snake that make us so senseless it is as if we are asleep, ignorant and unconscious. Purity sets us free. It gives us the keys to knowledge, peace, happiness, power and god. Purity is so rare, so precious, and so powerful, we have to die for it. We have to destroy the old self, the old vices that are so much a part of us. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego- to name five.
Purity’s light is such that we are not confined by boundaries of color , sex , race , religious beliefs etc. but we can see far beyond and experience each and every human being as our brother . Its might is such that fires of passion, anger and vices are extinguished and in its place, pure and cool love glows. All we need is to inculcate good things in our thankful life to make it worth.

Vitasta Ganjoo


  1. But you see there is difference between flower and us. They dont chose but we can and we can choose either God or ourselves and thus define whether peace or pollution.

    1. Whom to choose is not the question here's how you choose .:-)


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