Monday, 26 August 2013

In the eyes of God

The key to blessedness lies in being aware of blessedness. If your awareness is turned in different directions, towards what you do not have or what you think or imagine you do not have, then this wrongly directed pattern of thought will make you unaware of many things that you have.

Each one is unique and distinct in the eyes of the creator, there is none like that particular being, and there is no favorite. So each one is special and precious and valuable to the creator. This should be remembered. No one can replace you in the role that you fulfill in God’s creation at any given place or time. You are most necessary and indispensable for that particular set up, in that particular time-space context. And therefore rejoice and be grateful to the lord that he has given you a role to perform.

God expects each one to do what one is capable of, at any point, at any time. God does not expect an ant to haul great timber as the elephant does in forest. Nor does God expect the elephant to fly gracefully in the air as do swallows and doves. He expects birds to fly and he loves them for what they do. He expects elephants to fulfill their role, giving dignity to the forest and doing incredible jobs of strength. And…. HE EXPECTS MAN TO LIVE AS MAN. And each one in his own place, in his own sphere can fulfill a task and gladden the heart of MAKER and contribute something to his plan on earth.
No one is useless. No one is dispensable. No one is lesser in the eyes of god or in the eyes of those who try to avoid human judgment and human standards of criticism , who accept God’s creation as it is , because god created it.Whatever emanates from God partakes of his divinity and perfection , and therefore in God’s own plan , and in God’s own way , is fully complete.

Things are as they should be. The lord is in heaven and all is well on earth. This is the faith, the firm belief of those who have trust in infinite love of God. God’s infinite heart is large enough to hold the entire cosmos and everything within it.
Thus knowing, we should have great comfort in our heart, great satisfaction and contentment. And that is the secret of inner joy, the key to bless and the pathway to peace, serenity and inner calm, where there is no fretting, agitation or restlessness.

The peace of God pervades the entire earth, everywhere, without and within. The peace of God is the one great truth underlying all things, ever-present, ever-accessible and available, ever-full and inexhaustible.

Try to live in the light of this truth, and the heart and mind will be at ease. Never compare and contrast, because it is not done amongst unique things. Every little fledgling hatched from an egg is unique to its parents and so is each being in itself, for God is the parent of all. His love is immediately available to you, for he is not remote reality but he is indwelling reality, nearer to you than anything else on the earth. Live to spread this peace. : ) 

Vitasta Ganjoo

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  1. Crafted wonderfully.. We are never alone..


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