Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Religion is Faith

From outside our world is a canopy of exquisite commodities but when you start living in it you realize the beauty was nothing but a strong delusion. When you start inching into this world of picturesque beaches and scintillating rivers you realize how vague our values are. You realize the canopy was fathom and false.

Books like ‘The kite Runner’ and ‘Life of Pi’ have described the oxymoron behavior of we humans in detail. In the book ‘The Kite Runner’ Amir keeps neglecting Hassan on the basis of Caste and Creed disregarding the emotions Hassan had for Amir. The grandeur extremities of religion influenced Amir for such a snobby behavior.

On the other hand The Author of ‘Life of Pi’ say ‘This book will make you believe in God’.  The book talks about the Faith of a boy, how he believed in every religion and followed rituals.

Well, do we really need to differentiate between ‘Religion and Faith’, If yes! Then why?
To make it clear, you can do a reality check, go the person who is known for his assiduous knowledge of Religion and ask him to unveil the difference between Religion and Faith, I bet, you will find him saying, “Everything wrong a Man does on the name of God is Religion” and “Everything good a Man does on the name of God is Faith”.

Well, the views of such religious evangelists are fanatic, they are afraid of god, so they fear humans on the name of god.  There’s no manifestation available on this earth, which can differentiate between Faith and Religion.

 You are the one who goes to famous temples and perform pujas because you value your religion and its ritual and you are the same person who donates 750 ml of blood thinking “Bhagwan Dekh raha hai”.  In both the cases you are a man who believes ‘Good will happen to you by the Virtue of God’.

After reading the novels of this contemporary world you will squirm in your chair and Stomp around thinking about the difference and you will realize There’s Hardly Any.

Religion in simple words is Faith. Religion and Faith, they go parallel; you follow your Religion with masked eyes because you have a Faith.

And everyone out there, who is trying to prove Superiority of Religion over Faith will end up in hell, will never have salvation because the clairvoyance of every Dharmik is based on Faith.

Pranav Shree


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