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Learnings from Queen

A girl form a conservative family gets dumped by her going -to-be-groom a day before her wedding, she is all broken. She loved him. What happens next? She decides to go on her honeymoon all alone. A honeymoon with herself! This journey turns out to be superb. 

On a personal note, while watching this movie I got a blast from the past. I realized how I have myself gone through everything that Rani did. Some streams of emotions touched so real and relatable notes that they gave me both Goosebumps and tears together.

 Apart from giving you an array of reasons to enjoy it you will also have a good number of things to learn from the film. Though at no point has the director presented it as a boring parable types, it emerges out as a piece with many meaningful messages that you will receive by the end. Below is a list of Seven Things to Learn from the Movie Queen -

7. Whatever Happens, Happens For Good –
“Whoever comes are the right people, whatever happens is the only thing that could have, whenever it starts is the right time, when it’s over its over.”
What if Rani won’t have been dumped by Vijay right before they tied the knot? She would have remained a subservient, naïve, under-confident woman for the rest of her life. So, one big message from Queen that we get is of ‘whatever happens, happens for good’. It helped Rani change for the good and also simultaneously realize many new lessons and discover sides in her personality that was hitherto alien to her.
People change situations change and life may shatter overnight. But we have to pick up the broken pieces and keep moving ahead because life may change but it never waits. One has to be determined, strong and adaptable to change, we have no options otherwise. Life gives tests and we have to take them anyhow. Ultimately we realize it is all for our good.

6. Individuality
The movie Queen gives a good dose of self love and its importance. Once we realize how special, beautiful and amazing we as an individual are, we don’t need anyone in our life. We can be all by our self and still be happy and satisfied. A little bit of self love is a necessity and Queen very beautifully makes us understand that. Hating ones own self for all the miseries or failures in life will not let us anywhere. And ofcourse until a person love themselves they cannot love anyone else. It is a need, an urgency. To maintain ones individuality is difficult but essential. We have all been made individually different and that must be retained. Rani understands this when she finds out her individual specialties. 

5. Every human being is beautiful
Queen is an explicit display of the cliché ‘fitting in is so overrated’. While Rani goes almost bizarre at the differences between her life at India and of all those people she meets in Paris, it is strikingly remarkable how wonderfully she adjusts among them and also how the story shapes up to reflect that no matter how many differences at the surface level, all people are unique and good in their own way. Also Rani discovers the same about herself.

4. Women are strong
More than Rani, Lisa Haydon’s character Vijaylaxmi, reflects a strong independent woman. Blame it on the apparent ‘cultural difference’ (as the overall set up of societies are diverse), Lisa’s role is of a strong, self sufficient, modern woman. Also, it is largely because of her that Rani develops her hidden strength. If they won’t have met and if Vijaylaxmi won’t have booked the hostel in Amsterdam where all boys and girls shared rooms and lived alike, Rani’s story may have been different.

3. Friendship knows no boundaries
Rani’s bonding with the Indo-French Vijaylaxmi, a housekeeping staff, a single mother, a smoking-drinking-party woman, a complete opposite of her or her gradual bonding with the three men she shares room with at Amsterdam or her infatuation to the Italian Restaurateur, or the soft spot she develops for Taka, the Japanese boy, whom she finds out has no family but his roommates, everything remarks friendship’s beauty.  There is a strong message of how people of different cultures, languages and notions can connect emotionally and be friends.

2. Go for those who love and accept you for what you are
One of the major lessons that this movie delivers is to cut off all temptations, be real and be along those who love and value us exactly how we are. While Vijay dumps Rani despite being her long term boyfriend, most probably because he underestimates her ‘Indian-ness” and simplicity, when she goes to Paris and later Amsterdam, she is warmly accepted by and befriended by people who hardly understand her language and culture.

1. Every woman is a queen
Every woman is a ‘Queen’, no matter what. The naïve though beautiful in her own way woman Rani’s journey depicts brilliantly well how each woman who is underestimated by the society at large is actually outrageously beautiful. She is pretty, smart, capable and brilliant in her own way. All that is required is for her to step out, be audacious, giver herself a chance, explore and invent her. Once Rani dares to give herself that opportunity not bothering about who will think what, she reaches where she should have been – to the point of realizing her true worth, and got what she deserved. She becomes much confident, independent and bold by the end, realizing her self-worth, falling in love with herself and therefore comes up as an extremely different persona from what she initially started as. Most importantly we must never ‘underestimate’ ourselves; each one of us is special and uniquely amazing.

If you have already watched it, I am sure you too have felt all that is listed above. And if you haven’t watched this yet, don’t wait, just watch it, ASAP! You are missing a lot otherwise. 



  1. I had loved the movie... it's one of my favorites this year... including Highway and Hasee toh Phasee... really a must watch...
    do read me here

  2. A thorough review of a good movie. You can be a good critics ;)
    Nice read. Just passing by... <3

  3. i love your reiew, it's great.
    it makes me want to watch it again. :)

  4. I loved Queen :)
    Lovely to read this now. You have presented so many points here :)
    Even I shared the "N Lessons From Queen" :


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