Sunday, 6 April 2014

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Last year I wrote an article for Half Baked Beans, trying to figure out the reasons behind the success or rather behind the ever increasing success of Garbage Bin. This year I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a banter with the man behind the grand success of Garbage Bin! 

Yes, I had a detailed discussion with Faisal Mohd; the man behind all those cartoons, characters and dialogues that have been making us all laugh for the past few years! I met him at the comic-con this year and we had a fabulous banter, yes it was never like an interview. The man is so modest and his simplicity is truly impressive. For all those who want to know how it all started and how Garbage Bin started it's journey, this article is a must read!

Faisal comes from Saharanpur, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He came to Delhi to make a career in the field of animations and cartoons. It's like he liked reading comics from time immemorial and "Super Commando Dhruv" is his all time favorite! After spending a few years in Delhi, Faisal moved to Noida in 2007. He also joined BITS Noida as a faculty, that gave him a chance to share his ideas and knowledge with the students on a regular basis. As they say, true talent finds its way, there was no looking back!

It was in the winters of the year 2011, that Faisal created the facebook page Garbage Bin. Yes, the facebook page Garbage Bin was craeted on December 8, 2011. Currently, the page has uncountable number of likes. Each post on the page of Garbage Bin is shared like anything and spreads like fire! Faisal says that the advent of the 'share' button on facebook played a crucial role in the success of Garbage Bin.

Now the Garbage Bin team wants to take things further from here! The next apparent thing that they are targeting is ground level presence. Yes, the team now wants to show it's ground level presence as well! Also, get ready to install the mobile app of Garbage Bin. Yes, they are planning to launch mobile app for both Andriod and Ios platforms. So, folks stay tuned for more action. Also, I wish Faisal and the entire Garbage Bin team huge success ahead!


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