Friday, 18 April 2014

7 commandments from Queen


Bollywood keeps surprising you from time to time. Whenever you start feeling that they are short of ideas, someone comes up with a brilliant one that makes you marvel at the sheer creativity and artistic approach. It is always nice to go for a movie on the weekend, just to refresh and enjoy a little. The problem is that we don't have many options these days as far as the Bollywood movies are concerned. As, apparently all of the Bollywood movies give you the same impression these days. That's why, it is always good when you get a chance to watch a Bollywood flick that justifies the talent that our Bollywood has!

Even I saw 'Queen' on a lighter note. It was all about endless laughter and 'fun and frolic'! When I came back to my place late in the night after watching the movie, I couldn't help thinking about the story and the transformation that the protagonist under went. Life really goes a complete circle isn't it! I know it's like a cliche thing but whatever you do comes back to you sooner or later! I had a lot of things in mind after watching the movie 'Queen' but let me share with you a few of the things that I learnt from the movie.

Delhi is full of crazy people! Yes of-course it is! The weirdest of people, the craziest of guys. The Delhi streets are always full of moments and dramas, you just need to pick them up. People love eating here and the conventional 'Mithai Shops' without even an iota of doubts provide far better and authentic taste. I needed to mention this point being a foodie myself.

Every girl is a 'Queen'. The title of the movie really made me think and I think I got it right, every girl is a 'Queen'. Yes, for her family, her friends and even for herself- She is always a 'Queen'. They also want to travel, they want to explore and see the world as well. If given chances and opportunities girls can do just as good as the guys!

Life is all about meeting new people and learning something or the other from them! Yes, you should not restrict yourself and your company to just a few people! Keep meeting people, share your moments with them. This really helps to become a complete being.

Travelling is fun! Yes, that's one the most important things that I learnt from the movie 'Queen'. When you travel and land in those uncharted lands, it really gives you an adrenaline rush and thrills you!

Emotions are contagious. Yes, we saw how Rani's emotions made others around her connect to her and relate to her! Human emotions are just so contagious. We all are emotions somewhere deep down, it's only like some people are good at hiding them! I learn from the movie 'Queen', that you should let your emotions flow freely. It really gives you a nice feeling!

You should travel alone! Yes, if you don't get a company, don't hesitate to travel alone. That's another important thing that we learned from the movie 'Queen'. Travelling alone not only helps you vanquish the inhibitions but also helps you become a better person.

Be brave, these problems are not permanent! Yes, nothing in this world is permanent! We face problems and we think that we will never be able to fix them. It is never like this, the problems are temporal. It's just that you must have the courage to face the problems and to take the bull by the horns!

These are few of the things that I learned from the movie 'Queen' and the protagonist 'Rani'. For sure, Kangana Ranaut must be given full credits for doing full justice to the role. Share your views as well, we want to know your views and perceptions about the story as well!



  1. i really loved the movie and you did complete justice to the movie :)
    well written.

    1. Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked the article.


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