Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bombay Diaries -Part 1

No matter how hard you try, you get something only when you are ready to take it. And it is now, after 6 years of yearning that I understand the whole idea behind this particular phrase. To come to Mumbai was a dream. To live here was a desire. A desire so strong that it kept pushing me to try and try again. And when I least expected it, did I land up here in this beautiful city of buzz and hustle. 

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A city which never stops. A city so enchanting that it makes you fall in love with it in an instant. Even the cobbled roads of this city have an identity of their own. The nights are blissfully breezy and the days are well, warmly warm. This place has something for everybody. The most ooh-la’ed of spots and spaces and the most frugal ones. Everything is here.
In this one week that I’ve spent here, I’ve lost my phone on the city streets and found it, boarded the right local bus all by myself and walked on the wet sand with my shoes off. The first one happened because of my stupidity, but my luck somewhat nullified my utter senselessness. 

The second one is worth mentioning because despite the fact that I’ve studied Hindi up till Class 10, I still sometimes confuse in a few numbers written in Hindi and it takes me a while to realize which is what. So I’ve missed a ‘few’ buses before I could board the right one. The third one happened after a long day at office when I went to the beach and was happy enough to take my shoes off and nothing could be more divine than to walk on the wet sand with my shoes in one hand and my bag in another.
At the beach, I had the best "kala khatta" gola of my life and the experience was chilling to say the least. Because of cherry-sized tonsils bearing throat of mine, such chances of having iced lollies have been almost nil. So I practically pounded on the offer of a gola. It just feels so good to be here. I keep roaming about the city, I keep going here and there. So many places yet to visit. So many things yet to do. Only a week and I am already entangled in a romantic affair with this city. And I want this fling to last forever.

~Supriya Jain


  1. I hope you live your dream every single day in that beautiful city. Best wishes always girl

    1. Thank u Kanika.. :D
      And as you know, I really did enjoy every part of it. :D

  2. Mumbai is the City of Dreams and may your dreams be fulfilled.

    1. Thank you Kalpana for all the good wishes. It means a lot to me :)


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