Sunday, 28 April 2013

Turning 30

You are born with a silver spoon in your mouth; you grow up assiduously learning all the important jargons like Shit Happens and Bitch Please. In this journey of growth you will make many endeavors to see that specific impediment in you. You will get smitten by faces; you will try to work your ass out while sending those 10,000 messages a month. 

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You will certainly pass your Senior Secondary School with good grades as your Principal will make you learn the paradigm of success and then you will learn the difference between Principle and Principal. Now you are 20, enthusiast, talented, vigorous and aggressive, these traits will make you participate in rallies, you will go against corruption, rape and racism, on the way back to home from rally, you will neither hesitate nor feel reluctant in bribing the traffic police, when you are caught over speeding, with the money your dad gave you to spend in your development.

You will, join college, have mates, sleep in class, watch porn and fantasize and if you are a girl do not forget to puke in order to prove ‘you are a good girl’. You will try everything to be famous, from stud earrings to guitar; from Karizma to Audi Q7 (Only if you have a rich DaD), you will bet your friends, win or lose you will party, a time will come in your life when you will turn stagnant, you will try to prove yourself feasible and not futile, then you will remember the famous poet Robert Frost and his poem Road Not Taken, many will follow the same old clichéd path, while some will break the stereotype and will enjoy the grandeur success.

Everyone will have a job, and then each one of you will commit the 1st mistake of your life ‘Marriage’, you will marry the one tested by your parent on all the snobbish parameters meticulously.

You will enjoy your new bed and your new partner; unknowingly you will commit the 2nd mistake of your life “You will have Kids”. 

Girls who once cared for their Lip gloss will now care for nappies and potties

Slowly and gradually they will start growing young and you OLD and then you will commit the 3rd mistake of your life; You will Repent on the decisions you made.

Men at 30…
You are 30, you have a hefty bank balance and lesser hair. Now you prefer BlackBerry suits over Levis denims –because you need to hide the bulge over your belly—your secretary is sexier than the girl you were dating during your sabbatical period at your University, but you have no time to appreciate her hot legs or buy her a gift –because you have already paid for it and you know, ‘she will serve herself every time you will ask her’—you have had everything Kissed, hugged, got laid and enjoyed every kind of sex, you have learnt to appreciate beauty (symptom, you are attaining Wisdom, mind it wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with age) because spewing comments like ‘Oh man, She is hot’ will lead to a bad impression resulting in loss of millions, in case of paranoid Indian entrepreneurs loss can be in Billions (at the age of 30)…

Women at 30…
You are 30, you are growing fat, you are no more interested in maintaining your Curves, you find ‘younger generation more interested in you’, but remember Men goes behind older women to get pleasure without commitment.

#Turning 30#...

In the movie ‘Turning 30’Gul Panag was beautifully portrayed into the character of an independent woman, who experienced every Up and Down of dating a Banker; she had a beautiful job which paid her for making Ads. But as said “Everyday of the year is Not Spring, there are summers too”. One fine day her world came down, all shattered over the place when her fiancée left her for some big Daddy’s Girl, she lost her dream campaign and the next day she was Turning 30. 

By the end of movie she was not crying on the betrayal of her fiancée given she was pretty and who hates a pretty face (at least, I don’t!); she was least affected by the campaign she lost as she had attained innumerable indispensable skills which made her confident, “I will make it”; but age, it was something resentful, you are not going to be 29 ever again, once you are 30.

 Life is yet not over, you have to play another long inning of 30 years. Go to work, work hard, earn rubies, spend them on legs (KFC ones), do everything this society makes you do, maintain your reputation and reckon every other indispensable thing, but by the 1800 hr of every day, sit alone and think about the things you always wanted to do when you grow up, think about the extremist desires you had as a child and think about that one thing you Miss doing.

After 1800 hr, nobody forces you to sit in your glass walled cabin and work, you are free. You can utilize this time for your passion, you can go to gym and workout, you can sing to the top of your voice, you can roam in around your city, you can meet people over Barbeques and you can do that one thing you always wanted to do and you can do it for another 30 years of your life…

You are 30, you are turning old, this is the epoch you will be remembered for, go out make it happen…

~Pranav Shree


  1. nice it....:)

  2. plan your life after 30 rather than repenting for what you did not do before 30.

  3. gud1
    Girls who once cared for their Lip gloss will now care for nappies and potties....fact...:-p
    lesser hair of man at 30 ..... :-( i'll care of my tu bhi kar liyo .. ;)

  4. very well written.....excellent sence of humor u hv...keep on writing...

  5. Pulkit:- Thnx bro, keep reading, more coming...

  6. Akshay- thnx.
    Varsha- ;)
    GArima- Exactly, follow ur dream..
    Shyam- :) ;)
    Shreeja- thnx a lot..
    keep reading..


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