Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Men vs Women when they reach Thirty

They say age is nothing but just a number. However, age has a lot to do with your physical and mental state. Some people adjust themselves in accordance with age, while some fail to do that! It depends on your attitude whether you dominate the age, or you let age make you a stooge! Responsibilities, priorities and outlook towards life, they change with growing age. Thus, stamping the fact that life is a dynamic process.

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At the same age, you see a huge difference in attitude between men and women. Sometimes, you wonder whether they exist on the same planet or not. Let us try to comprehend this difference of attitude and perception between men and women at the age of 30-

Physical Looks-

Men at 30 would hardly give attention to their looks! The “Stud” of the college days in them has died long back. Formals are what they are forced to wear and comfort is what matters to them the most. There is no more experimentation with hair styles. 

For women looks is always the major concern! They still consider themselves as the “talk of the town” beauty. Actually at 30, crave to look good shoots up even more. As they know that their youth is just about to fizzle out! The major battle is fighting against the age!

Mental Attitude-

Men at 30 have just work on their mind. This is tantamount to saying that they have money buzzing all over their mind. They try to keep aside their past, fight the present to engineer a bright future. A lot of responsibilities, expectations are needed to be taken care of.

Women at 30 have a lot of complexities in mind. By this age they have decided their partners and have to be in compatibility with their partners. They become more family oriented and try to maintain a balance between personal life and professional life. A few feuds and heated banters with neighbors are common. Their family becomes their entire world.


Well, sex is not just a three letter word! Even at 30, men are all “set to go” for sex. Sex for men is like an emergency call, they are all set and ready in just a couple of minutes. That also serves as a way to sweep out frustration. For men, Sex still remains that magical mechanism!

For women, sex is a planned thing. Unlike men, sex is not an emergency thing for women. Instead, it is something planned. For them, sex is like making or starting a fire. You need proper ambience to do that. But again as far as sex is concern- “The woman is the rider and the man is the horse”.

~Rohan Kalia

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