Thursday, 2 May 2013

Short Times

As I remember the industrial fiction of Charles Dickens “Hard Times", I can say that it’s not hard times now; we could rather say its “short times " .Especially people living in Metro-cities. Forget about long walks, we people don't have time to talk for a while with each other even if we stay in the same house; everything needs to be too fast. 

I think today the noodle " Maggie " is really a very famous food item because it can be cooked only in 2 minutes, it doesn't matter how it tastes or we are eating the same thing regularly ..But the time matters. Office goers don't have time to have their breakfast as they will be late for office and sometimes never have their dinner because they are too tired and taxed by official works. 

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If we talk about relationships, it seems like there is not any connection with relationship and love... it’s extremely strange to hear that a relationship starts an evening and ends another evening, and the cause of breakup is the boy or girl has found someone sexier or hotter than what they could do. A poet needs to write short poems so people could read it because they don't have the time to read more than 10 lines, writers need to write sexy books and vulgar love stories making it "short" .. That’s the only way to sell a book. Or we can say people for relaxing themselves wants to read pornography with a decent book cover. Nowadays for saving time literature exams also have Multiple choice questions, literature is all about feelings and needs depth-full words for its understanding...Its very much funny for me to make someone understand William Shakespeare's " Romeo and Juliet " in Multiple choice questions. So short time food, short time relationships, Short time answers is what today we know. Now we do not say “life is too short" it’s actually how we will do things as shorter as possible to complete this short life.

~Mrittika Das


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