Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Best Profession Ever

Come the days of high school and every single soul gets to the maddening search of finding out the most coveted profession in the industry. Besides, everyone has an opinion about the further course of action. 

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Rest... We all know. We've all gone through it. Walked through it. In fact Thanks to Mr. Rajkumar Hirani we have an impactful and stirring movie made over it!

And yet remains the question? -What is the best profession in the world!? A one stop destination! Economically viable, stable, yielding, satisfying... basically everything!

I had known then in my growing years and I know now. And the same in my heart I'll always believe no matter how many times I fail. That rainbow is one of the most delightful presents of God (Yes! I believe in Him- That perhaps is a conversation for another time) to mankind. And that itself! - There is "The best profession in the world!" The creator.

Being a creator... To be able to sow the seeds of it, nurture it, add into it, inspire it and make it grow. A creator of however feeble a thing.

The delight of the moment of a sprouting creation, the marvel of your own hand craft are one of the rarest emotions that one enjoys unperturbed, without any hang-ups. The exclusivity of it. The fact that it only came to you and only you are going to breathe life into it... leaves breaths missed and moments stunned!

A creator of anything- an idea,  an enterprise, a dress, a fabric, a song, a poem, a smile or a happy thought or that of a slight pain, a dark sorrow or a happy tomorrow. Being a creator! Period. Is the best profession in the world!

And that is my view and you are entitled to yours. But my view gives me immense satisfaction, 'cause the 14 yr old troubled me, who after having read

Two Tramps in Mud-Time
".. My object in living is to unite    MY avocation and my vocation
    As my two eyes make one in sight...”
- Robert frost 

was scared she might not chose wisely. And may end up trampling her own dream! Can now rest in absolute peace, 'cause the professional that I wanted to be - A Creator - I am... In every single moment of my being. Being a corporate office professional, a narrator, an editor, an artist or anything else for that matter, I am a creator! And it has a high of its own! Being who I always wanted to be!

~Swati Kaushik 


  1. Beautifully presented.. Indeed! being a creator can be the best thing, best profession and a satisfying accomplishment.

  2. Hey words that paint Your thoughts,
    indeed they are....'lil accomplishments..:)

  3. Awesome! what a thought.... gives meaning to life...

    1. Yep Ankesh.. It did to mine :)


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