Monday, 20 May 2013

The New Course

Thumbs Down to DU’s Four year degree:

Being an ardent newspaper reader, I have been continuously going through the latest Delhi University’s buzz about introduction of four-year degree program with flexible exit options.

DU is the top educational destination for students hailing from Asia and other countries of world. Teaching methodologies adopted here are the best. A downside, however, is the infrastructure, but the authorities keep working on the same with continued access of funds from Government.

With entry of this new program, things are certainly going to change. Already running a success in other countries like America, this new program will have its disadvantages when considered in Indian context.
I don’t think that there is any clarity why DU is heading towards this program in such haste. Is that so that DU wishes to introduce more value based courses or just want to upgrade its educational standards to reach global heights? The answer is still unclear. I think that implementing this new program is against public interest as the latter’s opinion is a must before taking such step.

America’s system allows exit options after two, three and four year degree program and the same is true with DU’s soon to be launched program. However, Indians hardly know is that in America, there is a range of choices available to study and the system offers flexibility to choose majors and minors and there is credit based system there. This is not the same with DU as it can never ever replace the USA’s education system.
If as a student, you think that a four-year degree will bring a higher level of learning, then you are wrong. The extra year is just to fetch the degree. That’s it. In fact, a student who will do majors in a subject will, in reality, is studying less than in three-year program. 

The flexibility to study the subjects is quite low in DU as compared to American universities. It is DU that will decide which subjects a student will study at the time of admission and there is really no choice in deciding the foundation courses. I think that in the name of reformed structure, DU is trying to fool the students.
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In a country where thousands of students stay jobless, I think that an extra year will only put burden on their shoulders and won’t come out with any fruitful result. The university is already coping with inadequate infrastructure facilities, so how will it be able to have extra classrooms for fourth year students? Several questions like these looms over the minds of future students and in my view, a four-year degree program will only decline the prestige of DU.

~Suruchi Puri

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