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Andaaz Apna Apna - A Cult

Let's rumble into 1994. India rolls out the short range Prithvi Missile. Sushmita Sen became Miss Universe. P.V. Narsimha Rao defines corruption. Kapil Dev raises the bar of test cricket. Andaz Apna Apna happens to Indian Cinema.

Amar aur Prem. Amar Prem. Bhakti ras se bharpoor. Naam sunte hi main jaan gaya tha ki tum dono awwal darje ki filmi aur awara ladke ho.

Amar, Prem, Raveena , Karishma, Teja, Bhalla, Gogo, Rabat, Bajaj.. In case you are wondering about what this string of names mean, the answer is pretty simple. The dialogue and names are from Andaz Apna Apna..  one of the most iconic situational comedy movies ever made in our country. This year, on 11th April, the movie completed 20 years of it's cult status. It is a less known fact and an unbelievable one at that that Andaz Apna Apna is Amir Khan's only flop film that rose to define an entire genre of film making.

This multistarrer was made in the era of mega multistarrers like Hum Apke Hain Kaun, Mohra, 1942 A love story, Krantiveer, and inspite of being a commercial failure of its times, the movie has carved a special place in our hearts. If you feel low, sad , exhausted and it seems like there’s no hope for you… just play this movie and your blue skies will disappear and you will find a radiating smile replace the frown on your face! :-)

Unknown to even Amir & Salman at the time of filming, Amar, Prem, Gogo and Rabart are one of the most rib tickling characters ever created on film. Salman played Prem, the name he has taken in most of his movies and Amir was Amar in the movie. Together they were Amar Prem. Add to it a bevy of actors having funny names and even funnier dialogues and they created one hell of a laugh riot with this movie.

Here is a list of twenty funniest dialogues from the movie that made us laugh and roll in good times. What's more, you can fenko these dialogues in real life too and have some more fun! Cheers!

  1. Jo jeeta wo sikandar, jo haara wo bandar.
  2. Do dost.. Ek hi pyale me chai piyenge. Isse pyar badhta hai. Wapas le jao.. Wapas le jao..
  3. Abey kaheka tu yaar bhaad me gaya tera pyar!
  4. Bhabhi hogi teri aur shaadi hogi meri.
  5. Ap idhar udhar kya dekh rahe hain, udhar idhar dekhiye udhar idhar.
  6. Chit tu haara pat main jeeta.
  7. Shakal se to beedi kaarkhane ka mazdoor lagta hai. Saala choosa hua aam!
  8. Ye hame tiley pe mila tha na.. Isliye iska naam tilu rakh diya.
  9. Laddu to khalo teeeluuuuu...
  10. Aj Raabat ka birthday hai. Is khushi me usne ek khas sharbat tayar kiya hai jise Sharbat-e-Jannat kehte hain. Sir apne bataya nahi aj mera birthday hai? Haappy Birthday Raabat.
  11. Tumhara plan hi gadbad hai. Tumne baap ko kidnap kiya aur beti se paise mange. Lagta hai kacha khiladi hai.
  12. Ye firauti ka paisa hai ya maiyyat ka chanda.
  13. Ye Vasco de Gama ki gun hai. Kiske mama ki gun hai?
  14. Ooii maan.. Seeta aur Geeta. Seeta aur Geeta nai. Ram aur Shyam.
  15. Teja hun main Teja. Ankhe nikaal ke gotiyan khelta hun. Aya hun to kuch to lekar jaunga.. Hahaha...
  16. Jab tum Prem se milogi, tab tum Prem ke Prem me deewani ho jaogi, meri Premika.
  17. Ap daani hain, gyani hain, shaktimaan hain, balwaan hain. Balki main to kehta hun ap purush hi nahi.. Mahapurush hain mahapurush.
  18. Aae jhakaas..! Shabaash mere cheete!
  19. Teja main hun mark idhar hai. Ye Teja Teja kya hai ye Teja Teja?
  20. Sorry sir. Galti se mistake ho gaya.

Ye to trailer tha.. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.  Catch the movie on your TV/DVD/internet and roll in the laughter!


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  1. Vry well written. I cudnt stop my smile while reading the cult dialogues. Its one of such movies which we can watch any no of times and each time njy it like first time. Gud job done Divya....


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