Saturday, 28 June 2014

Andaaz Apna Apna- A tribute

We Indians should be proud of Bollywood. Yes, indeed Indian cinema industry has given some cult movies to the world. Movies that entertain and refresh you every time you watch them; no matter how old they are. That’s the special thing about these movies! No matter how many times you have seen them before, they are always good enough to catch your attention and keep you absorbed. These Indian movies are big hits not just in India but all over the world. People who don’t even understand Hindi; love watching these Indian movies with subtitles. Sometimes, even the subtitles aren’t required and only expressions suffice the purpose!

One such Indian movie that amazes you always with its sheer brilliance is ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. Yes, it’s been more than two decades since the movie was released but the movie still manages to grab attention. Two decades is a long time, things have changed with time! The trends in Indian cinema have changed; the dynamics in Indian cinema has changed but the movie still manages to impress and grab attention. This in itself is an example of the fact that ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ was a movie ahead of time. There are things that change or depreciate with time but at the same time there are things that retain their value and importance forever! ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ is one such thing that is fun to watch always. Like wine, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ gets better, more interesting and more entertaining with time!

The movie will always be remembered for some eternal characters. Yes, the friendship or rather rivalry between Amar and Prem. The jodi of Robert and Bhalla, more famous than that of Robert and Bella! Ram Gopal Bajaj and his twin brother Teja. Yes, who can forget the greatest of them all- ‘Crime Master Gogo’. Crime master Gogo is apparently the funniest villain Indian cinema has ever had! The attire, the dialogues, the body language and the role; everything about this character in the movie was special!

Let’s pay a tribute to this cult movie by remembering few of the best dialogues-

1.     Suno-suno Duniyaan Ke Logon, Sabse Bada Hain Mr. Gogo!
Tell this to all your rivals and competitors. Tell them, you’re the biggest of them all and they are not even in the equation!

2.     Aap Purush Hi Nahi Hain……….Mahapurush Hain, Mahapurush Hain!
Next time you want to flatter someone, use this dialogue! Gain some brownie points; tell your Boss he is not a man instead he is a great man!

3.     Yah Teja-Teja Kya Hain, Yah Teja- Teja!
The next time you’re in a dilemma, just recite this line. It helps, believe me!

4.     Yah Firauti Ki Rakam Hain, Ya Maiyyat Ka Chanda Hain!
The next time when you see the Sales Reports, say this line to your employees!

5.     Gogo Ji, Aapka Ghagraa!
Whenever you see someone carrying himself or herself in an uncomfortable attire, just say this line loud!

6.     Aapka Plan Hi Galat Tha!
The next time your Boss asks you why the timelines haven’t been met or why such low sales figures. Just tell him this line!

7.     Teja Main Hun, Mark Idhar Hain!
Just recite this line, the next time you want to tell them that you’re the actual Boss!


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