Sunday, 15 June 2014

Everyone is beautiful

Human race is materialistic. Profoundly materialistic. More often than not we are reined by physical beauty, of everything and to be precise, of our fellow humans. Happily not caring about the better aspects of one’s personality, we choose to judge a person by his/her looks. And here I am talking about the general human tendency. There are many sensible souls too.

What we often fail to register is that the actuality of a person lies beyond those looks. It takes just common sense to understand that the exterior gets blemishes, what stays strong all along is the interior. That is, thinking of a person and how well he/she puts that to live a life reflects the real beauty. Many a time the poor people around us are looked down as filthy beings. Why? Because their clothes are dirty and they eat dirty. If we are that tidy then how much of it do we choose to share with them? This being said about the class difference, some don’t even pay heed to people around  them. A schoolgirl with a hairlipped face gets the bench all to herself, not out of kindness, but because her snooty classmates find her out of place to fit in to their stature. And irony strikes in when that same girl, 10 years down the line comes up after a makeover. Ah! She’ll be talked to in a way like she was always sought after. Just that back then in school she seemed introvert. Claps to that!

Wading in the pool of materialism, we don’t realise the severity of the wound our stance might give to any such person. Admitting that looks of people does its bit in attracting me towards them, I am making sure to mark that it is short spanned. When you are with a person, as a friend or a beau, overtime it’s your equation with them and the other person’s nature that matters. How that friend looks doesn’t even come anywhere in the scene.  Pause your life for a moment and think over it. Placing looks on higher stands often makes us miss out some awesome people in life.

And it’s to all those teenage kids. Stop sinking in inferiority if according to the world you aren’t beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. You just need to spot what it is it that makes you beautiful. And by that I am not referring to the beauty products raining in the market. Go for them only if you feel like, but not to appease others. Trust me, people may pass comments but no one really cares. And you shouldn’t care too. True, everyone wants to look good. But please don’t stretch it to the extent that it seems to be only relevant thing left in your life. There are better things to live your life for. Your beauty might lie in all well you can paint life on a Canvas, or excellently you can pull crowd with your Oratory. Sharpen that.  One thing is for sure, if not a big bunch of friends, there is at least one person in your life who loves you for what you are. Care not to lose that company. And then there is always your family.

And rest, always remember, Brain can do such wonders, which Face can’t. And if you have got both, use it wisely and never to demean others. And as Markus Zusak says,

“Sometimes people are beautiful.
  Not in looks.
 Not in what they say.
 Just in what they are.” 


  1. "And rest, always remember, Brain can do such wonders, which Face can’t" The exterior beauty is given a lot of importance and some people still don't understand that its the kind of person that matters more. And yes! Everyone is beautiful. You just need to spot what it is it that makes you beautiful :) Nice post

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Vinay. I am glad you found it nice. :)
      Keep visiting the place.

      Apologies for the late response.

  2. 'What goes around...comes around' !...Sounded much like one of those 'motivational Value Ed ' classes shared with my teenage kids... n was truly a magical experience go thru this 'homophonic expression' !!! :* :*

    Socrates is the best example this context .... !
    Wonderful post ! <3 <3

    1. A big thank you ma'am!
      Your words always work wonders to this writer :D

      Thank you! :)


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