Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sherlock the show or the movie

Trust me when I say, I’d been as happy as a giddy kid on a school holiday when this topic was to be written upon. Sherlock Holmes- be it the book, the movies or the show, rather shows if you consider Elementary, I’ve always obsessed over them. I’ll admit I haven’t read the entire Sherlock Holmes series, but enough to compare the show and the movies. I’d say I prefer Sherlock the series than the Sherlock movies. 

Don’t get me wrong, Robert Downey Jr. surely is worth worshipping but Bennedict Cumberbatch takes the show to an entire different level.

A couple of years ago, there was a series of Sherlock Holmes where the protagonist was played by the late actor Jeremy Brett, it was a complete Sherlock Holmes experience and the portrayal was just as imagined by any SH readers. After that show, came a couple more versions- ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars’ but they failed to bring out that queer and surreal acting that Jeremy Brett had contributed to the series that featured all of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ work.

When one talks about the movies, in my opinion, Robert Downey Junior is the USP of the movie; however his character in the movies, be it the first one or A Game of Shadows, is far from the kind of portrayal a Sherlock fan would want to watch on the screen. So my opinion, keeping aside the Sherlock part, the movies are amazing but Sherlock Holmes with all the hyper action and extreme fighting with lesser influence of the brain work,  the kind of passive Moriarty that there were in the movie, take down the real fun of Doyle’s protagonist.

Now let’s talk of the show. Hats off to Bennedict Cumberbatch for pulling off such an amazing acting. And for Andrew Scott for playing my favorite Moriarty. Compared with all other Sherlock Holmes franchise, this one has the best characterization, the cast has been brilliant and the modern twist to the tale that excited the lovers of Doyle is impeccable. Sherlock Holmes was more or less about this intelligence extraordinaire, an amazing chemistry between Holmes and Watson and the consulting criminal that Moriarty was. The best of the SH stories have been picked, modified in a modern day London and picturized with utmost detailing. Anyone who watches the show goes gagas over Sherlock, there are a million fandoms and those who love Sherlock are uncountable. My own wall was full of posters of Sherlock and Moriarty. My friends and I are so crazy for the show, we got identical Sherlock tees :D That’s how obsessions work.

I’d clearly say I prefer the show Sherlock, despite the fact they air 3 epic episodes every season and  leave you at a cliffhanger every Season ending. So this is what I’d say, the show and the movies are not really comparable because they’ve been created very uniquely, but with respect to the fact that both are based on Doyle’s work, Sherlock the show is my preference… what’s yours?


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  1. I love the show more too... Bennedict Cumberbatch is a favorite...


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