Monday, 29 September 2014

Good Old Days

 Life. It starts with babbling and in no time reaches the age of full grown and mock speeches. A part of growing up, one thing people want to give up after finally having attained it. When exams seem a big load, and job a forced necessity, quite many of us find solace in the snippets of past. 
The past that was our childhood. From all the best memories we ever make, the ones that put a silly smile on our face are of the days we spent in knickers and frocks, and yes, with two ponies (girls, of course). We clearly remember the joy on getting a brand new bicycle, for the thrill of which we would sneak out of home while elders used to drown themselves in an afternoon nap. And as the evening would set in, we’d prepare ourselves for a cycle race with our neighbouring pals. Those races were our definition of a tough competition. And winning wasn’t always important. It was the time we got to cycle around the locality, that concerned us.

As we grow up, a lot changes. The love for those bicycles got replaced by craving for bikes and cars. Tom & Jerry  long back got overrun by Raghu & Rajeev. Gap toothed smiles have given way to pouts, and those evening play times are now dedicated to hours with our cell phones and laptops. Even with such a tremendous leap in our lifestyle, we somewhere miss the old times. Exhausted by the constant call of keeping good in society (read behaving), and the pang of few strenuous relationships, we sometime hope for some miracle, magical enough to give us back the days of nil stress and abundant innocence. Amid the rush of making a lavish living and getting better than every known person, we at times pine for the days when parents’ love, appreciation, and bunch of chocolates was all we worked for. Looking back, some of us might find those dreadful Mental Sum session far better than competitive exams that decide the course of your life. Sure thing, present may be cool and as you planned, but the warmth of the kid days is unmatchable.

If I am to choose, I’ll always prefer  a trip to a Fair, coming out with a candy floss, to an evening in a club, back without sense. Bicycles will always be my favourite ride, and mother’s lap my favourite pillow. All I need is company, and I’m all set for a game of Ludo, Carom, I Spy You, or Ringa Ringa Roses. And mind it, I’ll not let you win in Name-Place-Animal-Thing!

No wonder, reminiscing those days looking at the old photographs, guessing the time and situation, fills one with a feeling of longing. But however fascinating the idea of shrinking into a kid may sound, we know it’s a hope for the impossible. And for that very reason we have the pleasant memories, ones that play a mellow tune every time we go back to them. Cherish them.

As a parting note, a few lines for the same joy-rich childhood memories:

 I miss those good old days,
the little me and my childhood plays

I miss those days of two pony tails,
and when getting injured was the only reason for my wails

I miss those crazy games with my brother,
and those paper boats we made in rainy weather

I miss the rickshaw ride to the school,
and how for ice-creams did we drool

I miss all those cycle races,
and how we teased the losing faces

I miss those swings in the park,
which we refused to leave till it was dark

I miss skating in the balcony,
and the hide n seek with friends in colony

I miss those school picnics,
a day off from punishments and sticks

I miss running out at the sound of an airplane,
and look up to the sky, waving like an insane

I miss those good old days,
the little me and my childhood plays.


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