Tuesday, 16 September 2014

When nothing seems to work

                    When nothing seems right in life there are always two ways to see things, say the ones who have been through, gone through. These two ways are; either look at things in a positive way or a negative way. But when things go haywire, we generally have more than two ways; looking at things in a confused way, irritated way, sulking way, stoned way etc. Here are a few options you can try when all you see is a void, and nothing traditional seems to work.
                       1 Now, when one can fall into so many ‘not so amusing’ situations then whom to look up to and where to get that mindset that can make one see those ‘one better than the other out-of-the-box’ way of dealing with the situation. The brawny ones say that meditate if you are way too ruffled in your shawl (it is symbolic, means if you are too much troubled). Hmmm… I did try in the times of crisis, you too can. Results... Well! They vary.

                      2 If you don’t have any control over the situation then option 1: run away; option 2: stay and face it to avoid the charge of being an escapist from all the dear ones. If you choose option 1, then there are many places you can head to for a holiday-cum-running away from the situation trip. Don’t go to Himachal. Himachalis (natives, who stay in urban India or abroad and visit Himachal 22 times in their lifespan) have become very possessive seeing the influx of all non-himachlis flaunting their pictures and gathering 150 likes on their pictures from places like Kasol, Malana, Rohtang, which rightfully are ‘Himachali’s’ first right. Okay, be patient, and for the ones who followed the meditation remedy above, I know, can still wait.  Well, go to Bhangarh, Kerela or catch a movie.

                      3 Go down your friends’ list wherever it is, and tick down on the ones whom you always thought to be the most irritating ones. In the kind of state you are in, only a person like you can handle the ‘sense’ you think you will make. (pun intended).
                       4 One warning: Don’t get drunk. Drinking has never solved any problem neither it has ever actually distracted one’s mind. A drunkard shared this gyan, and sadly, it never went viral. Anyway, he must have other things behind the logic, but all about not getting drunk when mentally stuck  is all written here considering the women safety issues (if you are a woman) and for mummy ji’s stable blood pressure (if you are a boy). Well! If you get it, try it, else you know where to go.
                     5 Babysit for a day and you will know that your problems are not big.
                       6 If your city has a metro, get on to it and try to find a place to sit. If you find a place to sit within four passing stations, you are sorted for a few hours. Put on your glasses (do it, let them care who care), close your eyes and travel to the last station. Ofcourse, come back too. You got to try it to share the transformation if any. And for the curious ones who are still thinking what if one doesn’t get a seat. Well! In that case, get down the metro. Good things never come while you standing. (whatever you make out of it).
                     7 Go for a D-tox. This will not only cleanse your body but will also unburden your mind a little. Lesser believed health conscious people share this notion that fat layers on the brain (if any) can also melt. Well! On a serious note, detoxification will surely make your grocery last for additional two weeks and is a perfect way to feel good about oneself.
                     8 A practical solution to the T: Finish your work on time, and go to bed early.
                      9 Read. Hmmm… if you are a reader then it may or may not be a solution to get away from your problems because if reading is already a part of your life, it may not distract you enough. But if you are not a reader, a book will take you along wherever its characters and portrayal go. This is the sanest one could come to. But if you don’t have the patience to read then find someone who could read to you, ofcourse not a book, perhaps some memes, poems or couplets.
                      10 There are no ten’s for all the things. And when things are complex, there are no solutions, there’s just diplomacy.


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