Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ten reasons to live in U.P.

 Uttar Pradesh is a special state and there is no doubt about it! It’s a part and parcel of this great nation. Uttar Pradesh has immense history associated with it. Also, the state’s contribution towards the freedom to the nation is a special thing.
If you live or you’ve lived in U.P., you know what it feels like. If you haven’t, here are ten reasons you must come and live in U.P..

U.P. is ‘Nawaabi’ and ‘Shayaraana’:  Yes, the state is a state of the Nawabs. People here are blessed with immense ‘tehzeeb’ and live a life of ‘fursat’! You will get to hear ‘shayari’ of all sorts, for all moods! ‘Shayari’ for the broken heart and ‘shayari’ to inspire the youth! If you want to taste the ‘Nawaabi’ and ‘Shayaraana’ flavour of the state, visit the capital city of Lucknow.
Muskuraiye, aap Lucknow main hain (Smile, you’re in Lucknow)”

The typical UP slangs | The ‘Bhawkaal’ and the ‘Bakaiti’:  Where else on this earth will you hear such apt words. Yes, UP has its own slangs. These slangs are sure to leave an everlasting impression on you. The state is full of story tellers and you will for sure get absorbed in the stories they tell!

The real UP type Holi festival: Holi is a festival of colours. U.P. offers a different taste of the festival. You get a chance to dance on the roads, play with water, eat a lot of delicious sweets, get intoxicated with Bhaang and also the ever awesome ‘kavi sammelans’. ‘Mathura’ a historical city in U.P. has a different format of Holi called the ‘Lath Mar’ Holi. In this type of Holi people hit each other with sticks. So, come visit U.P. for a great and special Holi celebration.

To enjoy the famous ‘Banaraswala Pan’: Yes, where else will you get a chance to enjoy the suave ‘Banarasi Pan’. You get to eat the best of ‘pans (betel nuts)’ in Uttar Pradesh. Taste that will surely lift you up, refresh you and will take you to an entirely different zone!

Live in U.P. to experience and learn the real politics: If you want to learn political acumen and develop political skills, come live in Uttar Pradesh. Apparently, the state has a political structure that ensures political development from the very initial stage of student politics. They say if you want to rule in Delhi, you need to go via U.P.

To enjoy the naughty and candid ‘Bhojpuri Music’ and ‘Bhojpuri Movies’: Yes, music like you’ve never heard before. The music that will make you do naughty things. Music videos and lyrics that will make you amazed at frankness and satire. So, come to U.P. to enjoy lively, naughty, frank and loud ‘Bhojpuri Music’.

‘Bhaang’, ‘Dhol’ and the Mastiful Dance: Yes, come to U.P. to get intoxicated with ‘Bhaang’. Taste that you will love and intoxication that will make you go crazy for sure! Get intoxicated and dance to the beat of the desi U.P. ‘Dhol’ music.

To lift yourself spiritually and religiously: Places like Ayodhya, Allahabad, Banaras, Rishikesh, Haridwar et al. Yes, the state has so much to offer in terms of religion and spirituality. All the aforementioned places have tremendous history associated with them. So, visit U.P. for a solace trip, to explore your inner self!

The Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb: Yes, Uttar Pradesh has successfully carried the legacy forward. The Hindus and the Muslims live together and there is some awesome cultural exchange between the two communities. Muslims and Hindus participate together in events and respect each other’s religion and beliefs. Nawabs of Awadh have been fore-runners of this culture. So, you get to see here a blend of Mughal and Banarsi rang here! In U.P to get to hear the sophisticated ‘Shayaris’ and soulful ‘Bhajans’ as well!

The rich history and the music: Uttar Pradesh has a really rich history. The region of Awadh was of prime importance, if we go back in the history. The state has been blessed with some suave music as well! The Khayal, thumri and Ghazal flourished in Lucknow. So, come visit Uttar Pradesh for a lifetime experience.  



  1. hats off .. U.P. aye aur sala bhaang naaa piye to kya khak U.P. aye ;)

    1. Thanks, your comment is greatly valued.

  2. I miss home. I miss UP ��


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