Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The not-so Idiot box

We all know what a television/TV is, right? It is infamous for turning people into idiots (if that is even possible). Television, as I see it, is an incredible invention without which we would have been better off living in a cave, or perhaps some unknown island beyond the realm of humanity.

Looking back, there was never a day I would have spent without watching TV. It was my friend, together with Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Goofy. I had the marvellous taste of honey, cakes and carrots while laughing with Winnie. I didn’t stop going to the playgrounds because of it. Rather, I returned home on time to play with my other friends. Then there would be the Sunday get-together of the entire family to watch mythologies. I learnt history even before it was taught in school. It would be my companion, my confidant, my saviour when the world had no time for me. It would teach me the accents in English which was something to flaunt and be proud of. When nothing comes to mind, when tired from day’s struggle, a way to rejuvenate, a way to travel the world in seconds (even if penniless), to be in a magical world, to know more than what we see and learn, television is the answer to all.

It is not television’s fault that gibberish like people quarreling, moping, conspiring, stripping has become famous. Nor is it its fault that people spend hours glued to it even if there’s laundry to do, food to cook or deadlines to meet. If parents can’t teach their kids to sleep, eat, or study on time then there’s nothing the poor television can do. We blame television for making us fat and ugly. Oh well, it’s hardly a surprise since it is a common human nature to blame others instead of owning up to one’s mistakes. 

It is not the television which is an idiot, it is us. Being idiots, we see what we can ignore and ignore what we should see. The ratings go high and the chain continues. The people behind television are doing business after all. Television can teach us a lot but it cannot make us idiots, unfortunately. We will have to accept that we are born that way.

Anyways, the Independence Day is round the corner and there’s this channel, ‘Doordarshan’. You can participate in the parade and have the decency to sing the national anthem (if you remember what it is) and perhaps then you will stop calling the television an idiot box.


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