Monday, 18 August 2014

Four kinds of Friends

Friends are the blessings of our lives. Friends make adventures more fun. Just like a music band has members of different talents, a gang of friends has all types of characters who make friendship and life even more worth the while!

Different types of friends serve different purposes and nourish and enrich our lives in different ways. While we are lucky to count good friends on our hands, I have observed that in a gang of friends, we broadly have four different types of friends. 

THE FRIEND WHO'S WORLDLY WISEThe dad/mom of the group. This is one friend you always turn to for good advice. This one is the quickest to diffuse a tricky situation. They are honest friends who will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they'll certainly tell you what you need to know. When you've got a crisis on your hands or need to make a quick decision they are your go-to people. These ones are not the ones to sugarcoat stuff. They are to the point and their good advices save many a day. Also they forgive and forget more easily than the others and have a mature head on their shoulders. 

THE ONE WITH THE FUNNIEST LAUGHLife is fun with friends. It is even more fun when we hang out with a bunch in which one of us cracks up easily and in the funniest way ever. So much so that their laughter becomes funnier than the jokes and we cant ever stop laughing when we are together. :-) 

THE FRIEND WHO IS UP FOR ANYTHING The enthu-cutlet. The daredevil. The musician of the group. The rockstar. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious and you always have more fun when they are around. This friend is the flexible, no frills friend who makes your life a breeze. You can call to meet them at the drop of a hat, re-re-reschedule with them and have the craziest plans together and they are the easiest ones to have great times with. Nothing is ever too hard and they're open to doing new things and changing plans together at short notice. 


That's why they say, "choose your company carefully". However in every gang, there's one guy/girl who is the most sincere and dedicated one. These ones get the best grades, go to the best colleges, work their asses off, follow their hearts and live it up when the sun goes down. Oh how you wished you could have a part of their charisma too. These people challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Just by being all of who they are! The only downside is that sometimes they can be infuriating in equal measure. 

These are just four broad categories I could think of. But like they say, more is merrier. Friends are the treasure that makes life feel like a perfect gift indeed. Oprah Winfrey once said: "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher". Cheers to good friends and cheers to friendships!



  1. If one can find such a group of vibrant friends, then it truly would be a blessing.

    P.S. A bigger font would be much appreciated since your writing is so good. :)

  2. Hey thanks parmita :-)


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