Saturday, 9 August 2014

Are we alone

How would you feel when you step out of your house and forget the way to your work? Or are unable to recall what job you do? That’s what happened to a middle aged man in United States of America. Just like his daily routine he woke up early got ready and then he realized he couldn’t remember a single thing about his job.

The man was a scientist, working on secret project for US government. The day earlier from his memory erase about his job, he had been informed for daily body check up at the site of his work. These sites of secret projects were/are unknown to public. These places can’t be spotted on maps.  He had been injected some chemical substances which erased his memory related only to the secret project. And the result was that the man couldn’t even appreciate his own contribution of years to the research work done. The reason for this conduct to him was that his contract had been terminated and no further contribution was required from him.

Now you would be wondering what this secret project was all about!  This site of top secret projects had been revealed by an individual called BOB LAZAR. According to his claim this place is called S4, it serves as hidden military location for study and research of spacecraft’s or flying saucers or in its most general definition – UFO (Unidentified flying object)

Yess ! You read it right, UFO! Around 1980s BOB LAZAR used to work as a physicist at S4, allegedly   located south west of top secret area, AREA 51 near dry lake, NEVADA. According to LAZAR this site has 9 different extra-terrestrial vehicles used for research work, which were captured by US military from different parts of US during their crashes. Using REVERSE ENGINEERING technology these UFOs were researched. LAZAR stated the space probe on which he worked creates its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabrics of space and time towards it.

Many people did believe in what BOB LAZAR had said. And many didn’t. Both the universities from which he claimed to hold degrees have no record of him and he has also never been able to produce any credentials that prove he was employed by the US government. Government manipulated with records and deleted the history, specifically done to discreet him and his claims.
Another point proving his claims true is the element 115 of periodic table. LAZAR had also claimed to work on an element with an atomic weight of 115, which allowed the space crafts to warp space and essentially pull the desired destination to the space ship. In simpler terms –time travelling, travelling long distances in a blink of an eye. This method of travel allegedly enabled aliens to travel vast distances with minimal 3D movement. And matter of fact is, this element was still not found in our world when LAZAR made his claims. The discovery of this element was done in 2003! It was named UNUNPENTIUM. The same element served as fuel in space crafts!! In 1989 LAZAR gave first of his interviews on special report on LV TV. The reason he came out publicly was because he wanted to protect himself from the US government, he wanted to make people aware of these truths and facts that the US government was hiding and denying from world, and he no longer could keep the secrets!!

On an eventful day, BOB LAZAR had been approached by CIA (central intelligence agency) of US. They offered him a well-paid job after vigorous interview and appointed him for top secret project for US. Young blood excitedly accepted the offer along the conditions and terms and signed his contract, stating not to reveal any information to anyone including the family or the consequences will be bad.

 And thus BOB LAZAR started his journey to new world! So now do you believe in UFOS?     


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