Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Un-kind Kinds

Irrespective of who You are, where You come from, where you aim to go the most impactful time of your life is while you are in school. Its apparent too. Ofcourse if You spend 1/3rd of your days for twelve years in an institution it is bound to grow on you. And it does. We are bullied there, appreciated or embarrassed. We learn to get over most. We don’t really keep in touch with the school, the school life or the lessons, but we do keep in touch with friends that we make or and we keep in touch with the news of the ones we unmake there. Here’s an inclusive categorical description of friends we have in our groups in general.

Popular one: 

Since he/she is the popular one it is only obvious that this description would come first. They are the dreamy eyed , ambitious, good looking(or so we think) genre. You can spot them from afar. They’ll be the ones engaged in animated conversations of every important topic in the world. They are the stars the gossip columns feed on.

Progress report: Fast forward 10 years You would be stalking them on social networks and enquiring about how and where they are. They’ll probably be living under the debris of the facade they had made for themselves. But you would still look up to them like they can win the world. And who knows they probably can??  :-)

Cool dude/dudette: 

Remember our popular one engaged in an animated conversation(more like a spiel). The audience they mostly have are these. Cool ones. They are or they play cool is subjective to them. But they are the ones organising parties and helping others host. And jamming and chatting away with rest.

Progress report: Fast forward 10 years.  They are still playing it cool. Probably by now the strife has ended and they are actually chilled. The realities crash in for them later, after they are out of their comfort zone. But they being them handle it. And make a life. Not sounding like a zodiac expert but they probably do find their calling.

Corner benchers: 

They’ll be seen taking the furthest corner-est seat in the class. They’ll be hoarders. You’ll find with them the twigs from your last outing. They’ll be more interested in music maybe blues. They appear sulky. Mind you only appear. They are sarcastic when they want to, they are nice when they want to.  They are what they want to. And their silent complain (only to themselves) is that they are nothing like they want to be.

Progress report: Zzz...grr... the motor can hum all it wants. There is no fast forward for them. They  become slower, lazier with time. Rolling in blues they might be doing well, working in MNC’s or cracking UPSC’s, they’d still be the nomad at heart. They are equally likely to be “The monk who sold his Ferrari” or “The monk who bought the Ferrari”.


They are the friends of these nomads above. And they are also the friends of the entire class during exams. And depending on their preparations they are vicious or helpful. We depended on them for their notes. Their insights. Their understanding. Their rapport with the teachers. Bespectacled or not. Sitting on the 1st bench or not. They are the knowledge house of the group.

Progress report: Flying colours. A. A+. AA. They have probably cracked the most high profile government jobs. Perched on the top of the food chain or still mugging away to crack more institutes. They cracked the prelims splendidly, faired the mains spectacularly. Its the politics where they fail. And where they seek the aid of our popular and cool ones. Payback?





  1. Whoa! This was so amazing. I could actually recall a few people from school, including myself ;)
    Loved the way you wrote it (Y)

  2. The good ol' school days! Enjoyed this post. :)


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