Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reasons to read

"Its a waste of time,"said my friend and the first thing that came to my mind was-talk about words hurting!
Being an avid reader,I took personal offense at my friend's words but I nevertheless prayed the holy Lord to bless his poor ignorant soul. Later that night,I couldn't help but wonder,how many people out there really considered this divine activity of reading as a 'waste of time'?

So here I am,as the defence for those helpless li'l books and articles which are ignored as nothing of importance,pointing out why reading is not only a good activity but also an important one.
1.Temples of knowledge-While we're young,we have our parents to tell us between right and wrong,to guide us how to act in certain situations and we're willing to learn and listen. But by the time our teenage years begin to end, new ideas and emotions take longer to penetrate through our skulls. Books teach us things which otherwise would be very difficult to learn unless you have  a first hand experience in serious situations like the ones described in books,articles or short stories.

2.Company-We all have heard the age old proverb "Books are your best friends." Such a small number of people realise it to be true. Before the invasion of technology, standing alone was made less awkward by the presence of books. Even today,with the gizmos and all,people read-articles,poems,short stories,etc-while waiting or to pass time when there's no one to chat with. Books are always good company to those who seek the quite.

3.Break from reality-Now,I wouldn't encourage people to hide behind a shelf of books to get rid of their problems,but yes reading a book while you're stressed or upset helps to calm down,studies have shown. Many people-i mean A LOT when i say 'many'- rush to books when they are worried or under pressure or feeling low. 

4.Emotional Quotient-Along with improving our Intelligence Quotient,reading also improve our EQ. Research shows people who read more often,are more understanding and not only sympathize but empathize as well. 

5.Impressing-Yes,you read it correct boys! Girls dig boys who read (okay maybe not all girls but almost all the girls who are readers themselves,how different is that really?) Reading is more or less associated with manners and sincerity,so yes boys,girls are more likely to approach you in a library then in a bar.

6.Vocab Power-If nothing else,reading is a good way to pick up new words and slangs and not entirely a waste. Reading improves your vocabulary and influences the way you talk and behave,making the way you interact more interesting.

7.Mind power-To those who say,watching a movie is better than reading,I'd like to tell you that reading always conveys a message-even a one which is hidden between the lines-but a message is sent across nevertheless. Reading makes your mind sharp,improves your imagination and increases memory retention. A book,a story,a poem,a read always delivers,something which cannot be guaranteed by every actor or performer.

So start today,one short story at a time,splurge in the world of words and experience emotions you never knew you could. Read,you never know it might change you in ways unimaginable.



  1. Word to word truth!
    I agree the most with the Emotional Quotient point. Have experienced this.

    Nice article, Jinal! :)

  2. I don't agree with the emotional quotient point..
    Applaudable article though! *thumbs up*


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