Sunday, 21 September 2014

Things to make the world a better place

The recent series of incidents have forced us to rethink of ourselves as a nation. We are living in a country where girls and women are fearlessly raped, people are undergoing forced Islamic-baptism and the youth is busy enjoying Comic-con and planning for the first every Tomorrow land carnival in India.

Something is wrong! Something very important is missing! A sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging are missing. We turn patriotic on only days like Independence Day and Republic Days. We need to be more patriotic if we want to make our country an epitome. We need to be more responsible and Now that Al-Qaeda has announced their Indian Wing we need to be more alert.

We alone can definitely make a clamoring change—given we are not Kejri—but we can initiate a change and that is kind of a good thing to do.

Here’s a list of things we can do to make our country and this world a better place to live: -

·         Love more and Judge less: - We do it and we all do it so often that we forget the count of it. We judge more and love less. We think our judgmental comments will change the way she walks or will change the way he dresses. Had we left them on the way they are and concentrated on something we wanted to be, we would have made a huge difference to the society. We would have helped the GDP of our country rise.

·         You are always under dressed without a smile on your face: - A smile can erase the wrinkles of melancholy and loneliness. When you smile you feel privileged and when you start feeling privileged you should try to let others feel privileged. We are not coaxing you to go and find poor in your locality and serve them but whenever you encounter someone in trouble help them, extend a helping hand and make others feel privileged.

·         Turn Desi: - I will refrain myself from making associative relationships between Coca-Cola and Desi Nimbu pani but I will definitely make you feel ashamed of the fact that you argue with vendors on the street while you spend carelessly in Malls.

     If you want to change the world then start with the man in the mirror

·         Donation: - You know that there’s an organization named MAD—make a difference—they work for orphaned child. They try to provide them with new and fresh clothes and services. They are working to make a difference in the way people treat these orphans. Donating to such organizations will only bring joy to your life. How less you earn doesn’t matter, you can donate 100 bucks and you will see how it comes back to you in multitude.

I don’t ask you to do extra-ordinary things but I will coax you to do these ordinary things and make this world a better place to live.


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