Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Being Single

     “They didn’t agree on much. In fact they didn’t agree on anything, they fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite of their differences they had one thing in common they were crazy about each other” 

she read and smiled, it reminded her of her favourite duo- Arima and Ayaan, they were finally together and no one in the world could be more happier than her, they completed each other in ways that could not be understood, it was then she knew what love was like, she had read books about it, books about fairy tale love and thought it was just fiction, something so powerful, so magical could just exist in books and stories; but Arima and Ayaan made all her conclusions go wrong, her theories failed. They had what people would call fairy tale love, what everyone longed and wished for, that could make people jealous, and now this is what she longed for and wished to have.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Valentine's Day

Those two parallel universes will try tonight, to coincide
followed with coy letters, and, an audacious lover to transcribe.

Arima was all cold.
More than the obfuscated past, heart- melting activities of present, haunted her.
Words could never describe the hurricane which shook her – The hurricane of silence.
*Will Ayaan stay, forever?*.

That one question, echoed a zillion times in the void created long back, deep down.
Only if someone could offer her a wand to figure out the future, as she is begging for a fair conclusion.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Kiss Day

The Kiss Day

This wasn’t surely a day I had been waiting for. Unlike most of my friends who had planned for a perfect evening with their girlfriends, I was totally unprepared. It sometimes made me wonder, “Who the hell on earth planned the valentine week?” I mean, “Come on! Why do you need special days to show love?” No wonder the valentine week leaves you with very less money in your pocket but it is all paid off when you live the moments with your “special one”.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Hug Day

Wandering, aimlessly trying to fall in love with the idea that you love me. 
Chaos came and went with each passing breath we took. 

Because loving you was beautiful. 
Because loving you was madness.

Bhaiya’ he played with the collar of his shirt, ‘how much time more before the jam finally breaks?’

Apun Bhagwaan dikhta hai kya?’ the auto-driver frowned looking at the rear-view mirror, ‘This is Mumbai – the place is known for its jams.’
‘Okay!’ he actually smiled at the sudden bashing, ‘so you mean to say, half of your lives are spent in the jams, do you?’

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Promise Day

I turned. To look. But night was dark. And I lost. The stars started to shine out of the clouds after a while.
So much of human life is wasted in waiting.
I was waiting. He was waiting. In anticipation and retrospection.

I do not blame him
for not knowing 
the gentleness of my soul.

When I only showed him,
how  violently 
I loved.

So we never want things to change but worry ourselves to death introspecting changes. I was  scared about how changed our equation would be now. A part of me thought that how disappointed could he be! I mean he already called me hippo and what not. He knew I’d rather gobble down a pound of cake with him than go hiking and bird watching. He knew I would star gaze rather than spend the night sleeping. I was me. I hoped with all my heart that he was he too.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Teddy Day

“My head is under water..but I am breathing fine..!!
You are crazy and I am out of my mind..
Cause all of me..!
Loves all of you..!!”

John lagend’s words were gripping my soul. The food lay cold in the oven. Plants on the corridor needed watering. My wardrobe called for critical action. I had several things to do. But I was drowning in memories. Damn!!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine's Week;- Chocolate Day

She hurried towards the main door, almost tripping on the objects in the way; her heart was beating wildly with anticipation. She stopped to have one last look at herself in the window pane, her face turning crimson red with a hot blush, adding further allure to her porcelain complexion. Oh, that blush!! He always loved how easily she used to turn coy! With a pulsing heart, she unbolted the door.

'Heart to Heart Bakers', a big box greeted her read...curving her lips into the brightest smile she had had in months but which quickly shaped into a frown as the figure holding the box spoke up:, “Ms. Arima? This is your parcel we were asked to deliver.”

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentine's Week:- Propose Day

You got me sipping on something ,I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping ,That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm acting a bit crazy ,Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying ,That I'm gonna make it out alive…

The bed's getting cold and you're not here
the future that we hold is so unclear
But I'm not alive until you call
and I'll bet the odds against it all…

She kept humming these lines. There was sudden rush of blood inside her body, she had butterflies flying in and out. She couldn’t believe it was real, she dreamt a lot about this day, now which seems surreal. It had been almost a year since he left but she remembers every second spent with him. His memories were the only thing that kept her going.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Jaipur Literature Festival

Here are the highlights of Jaipur Literature Festival  in 26 letters charismatic to the writer’s universe.

The journey begins...

A for Amish Tripathi:

Tagged as ‘India’s First Literary Pop-star’ by world renowned film director Shekhar Kapoor, Amish has become an ideal for pool of budding writers. The way he blend all the emotions without hitting any controversies is commendable.

Amish’s Shiva Trilogy has been the heart throb in recent past. His books have been translated in 14 Indian as well as International languages.

Valentine's Week:- Rose Day

A Rose Day Story

"Missing him was dark grey all alone,
Forgetting him was like trying to know
Someone you have never met,
But loving him was Red,
Loving him was Red..

Red roses were her favorite. She cut the stems of the beautiful big roses growing outside her window and assorted them in a large vase. Taylor Swift, the modern goddess of love and longing was filling the vacant spaces of her lonely apartment with notes of Love.

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