Monday, 27 October 2014

10 reasons to date a foodie

We the ‘Foodies’’ don’t eat to live, we live to eat and we are all proud of that! Here are just the ten reasons to date us! (trust me I scratched my head like never before while thinking of these reasons and now I’m dying to eat something)

1. Because any meeting isn’t random!
Boys, this one is especially for you; most of the time of our pre-dating period is spent thinking about, where do I fucking take her? A garden or the zoo or the lake or the river-front or my house?
This is where the misery of the brain ends, when you date a foodie, any outlet of a McD or a Dominos is more than enough to keep your better-half happy and increase your chances of earning the second date!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Breakups:- End of Road

·         ‘We broke up. I do not want to live anymore.’

·         Whenever someone breaks up from a serious relationship, (s)he usually goes into a depressed state and thinks like (s)he wouldn’t be able to live their life as their partner has left them alone, that their survival is not possible. But is it really the truth?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bookstores:- Are they dying?

 A few clicks, and you are living an easy life! This is the scenario ruling our market today. From an infant’s diapers to a homemaker’s mixer-juicer-grinder, a good part of the urban population is now resorting to online stores for these necessities. And why won’t they? We always prefer to pick an easier way to get our work done. Whether it’s shopping or anything for that matter. Moreover, to people in small towns, online stores provide more and often, better options.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Dark Hole

At atleast one point in our lives we all go through a really weird phase when nothing goes right and nothing's left in your brains. And when nothing goes right despite of trying every damn thing with the dedication of every single cell in our body,our confidence takes a deep plunge in the wide sea of depression pulling our happiness and motivation and willingness with it.

Your job left you and your cat died,you're wife's a nuance and you're finding it difficult to strive. Your books are flesh-eating monsters and your friends are monotonous mood busters. You don't feel like getting out of the bed when responsibilities and loans are on your head.The motivational talks are shit cuz you think you know your depression is where you fit. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

10 reasons to date a Foodie!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a foodie as “a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.” Given such a broad definition, a foodie these days could be anyone who is a connoisseur or even someone who regularly watches Masterchef!

There's an old proverb, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well that IS a bit sexist for sure but we believe there are a list of reasons to convince you as to why guys or girls, foodies make the best of partners.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Anthologies- Toast of time

Gone are the days when getting published was a Dream Come True, today every other engineering student with a keen appetite for Green John’s book and a free blog hosted on BlogSpot is a published Author.

I got the privilege of getting published in the first quarter of this Year! No, No not a full-fledged book, I am yet to go that mile and become a Real Writer but for now you can call me a Published Writer.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

7 reasons why Indians do not travel solo

 I am not much of a traveller neither do I dig travelling . I am afraid of heights, water and things which can kill you.

The childhood memories include of going to Haridwar , Mussourie , Dehradun as tourists , clicking pictures , eating too much everywhere and coming back tired.
Sometimes we would go to other cities also to attend weddings of cousins whom I have not seen after that.

Travelling alone or Solo is a very common concept abroad and now Indians are also going abroad solo but we do not see that within our country.
In my opinion these are the reasons Indians don’t travel Solo within india:-

Traditional vs Online bookstores

As digital alternatives arise, physical processes seem less efficient. This theory certainly has 
consequences that extend far beyond the literary community, but these days technology is 
becoming the defining factor in how books are published, distributed, bought, lent and sold. 
And as digital publishers become more adept at leveraging these innovations, brick-and-mortar 
booksellers are nearing a point at which they could have to fight for the very survival of their 
market segment.
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