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"When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'one word at a time.'”- Stephen King

One word at a time is how this blog is painstakingly written by some lovely bloggers :

Pranav Shree

Well, am Pranav studying engineering at Lovely Professional University. I spend my days reading, writing, clicking and watching girls(that's my favorite time pass... ). Want to be India's one of the fictional writer (and am working towards it...)I maintain a blog with 20,000 of readers...Well, about my writing career, I just want to sum up it in a line.."While walking around, Lots of metaphor are mixing in my mind to form something beautiful. To read the beauty, read my blog"...

Rohan Kalia

I am Rohan Kalia... An engineering graduate, who has been working in the IT\ITES industry for almost past one year. I am someone who is unpredictable and usually practices the fine Art of doing nothing! I carry a strong passion for travelling, writing, music and exploration of different cultures..... I like talking to people and usually plunge into conversations even with strangers! I am someone who loves talking about Che Guevara, for me its not just about "Che on the Tee". I have been a passionate blogger for the past few years, and so far the support and response has been commendable. There is a long road ahead, lets see how things turn out-fingers crossed!"

Swati Kaushik

I am more of a poem than a story. A girl when happy and a lady when sad. I don't smile as much I laugh. And my laugh, by the way, is a matter of speculation.Am calm in most serious situations and jittery with lame ones.Am a deemed writer. I am, but a scribbler. I scribble. I don't know how else to tell someone I love, hate, despise, adore, accept, reject, dream about them! So I scribble. Write. Safest and my easiest bet! Sometimes they mould me, others I mould them, Words. I am actually a student. Freelancer. Easily distracted. Ketchup lover. Lazy. And opinionated. Am a tomorrow person. I hate with as much ardency as I Love. "

Vitasta Ganjoo

I’m a girl with number of dreams and desires, currently pursuing medical studies (dentistry). I’m an avid reader and love spending my free time in reading novels and listening music. I like travelling, dancing and am animal lover and nature admirer, like to spend evenings on terrace thinking, wondering and enjoying things around with a hot cup of coffee/tea ; sometimes with company of music or playing badminton or going on drives on Activa and eating pani-puri.


Divya Ratan
Divya. Divine. Precious. Just like everyone else! I am wholly in my body, and pleased to float and muse. I am a writer and a dreamer who loves reflecting on people and life. I feel deeply from a place where shadows enter and leave as they want. I love the energy of the force with which something can hit you. Something positively transformative, like an idea, a strong wind, rain, love. I love people who carry the reservoir of an endless yearning in their hearts. A search. An endeavour. For Beauty. For Expression. And a lifelong exploration of who they are. Words, celestials, evenings, dreams and books are the most simple pleasures I allow myself. I love order and rhythm. Harmony. In my space and between hearts. Peace and compassion. Serendipity and Esoteric are my favourite words.

 Yashluv Virwani

A crazy guy coming from the 'Sanskari Nagri'- Vadodara, I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad (and am not enjoying it). I like to draw, sing, play and watch cricket. A big movie buff and a big foodie. I love travelling and I dream to travel the world. Highly patriotic and love making the underprivileged smile. Writing for me is like meditation, it makes me calm, makes my senses work, makes me smile. I aspire to become a writer.


  1. Glad to know a little bit about all the authors. Can you please tell me the name of the beautiful person whose picture and bio shown in the last? Thanks.

    1. Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay! :)

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