Monday, 20 July 2015


As a child something about the word “holiday” used to confuse me. Whenever I saw “holiday season is here, time for some cheer” line of advertising I often wondered is holiday a season or a place ? Christmas , Diwali break, dussehra break , winter break and summer vacation were all “holiday seasons”. Then going to Manali, Dubai or your grandparents’ place was perhaps the real part of those  “holidays”.  Then there were the much awaited public holidays during “non-holiday season” or school months. Of course, all this thinking was triggered  by the very predictable “holiday homework” which often had an assignment for writing about the place you went to in your summer break. What if you didn’t go anywhere in that set of summer holidays ? Would it not count as a holiday if you relax at home or learnt something new pursuing a hobby in the summer ?
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